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Typography news January 1999

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Scientists invent nanofont technology
various sources - 29 January 1999
Researchers at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. have developed a pen that can draw lines 10,000 times narrower than those of a ball point pen. Articles describing the technology appear on the ABC News site and elsewhere.

eBook members meeting report
San Francisco, CA. - 28 January 1999
Microsoft and eBook pioneers NuvoMedia and SoftBook Press hosted the first review of a draft specification for electronic book devices. A report of the meeting is posted on the Open eBook Web site.  More details...

Euro press release issued by Bitstream
Cambridge, MA. - 28 January 1999
Exactly one year after Bitstream announced that it had begun incorporating the new euro currency symbol into its fonts, they have issued a press release announcing that typeface-sensitive euro symbols have been added to 'many of the company’s existing PC TrueType and PostScript fonts' ... 'with support for the Macintosh expected in April 1999.'

Arabic typography
ABC News - 28 January 1999
An article by Richard Martin about Arabic Typography appears on the ABC News site.

Tyd logo proposals posted
Type.Design-L - 27 January 1999
It's fascinating watching the birth of the new typographic organization TyD. Members of the Type.Design list are currently in the process of picking a logo for the group from a wide range of subscriber submissions.  More details...

More K2 details exposed
MacWeek - 26 January 1999
MacWeek gossip columnist Mac the Knife reveals more top secret details about Adobe's K2 DTP package. According to his sources, the product, to be officaly named 'InDesign', will go beta 'any week now', has a mid-summer ship date and will be unveiled at Seybold in Boston in March.  More details...

Sans expansion planned
Chicago, IL. - 26 January 1999
Don Hosek, has big plans for Sans Serif, the online companion to Serif magazine. A type directory, book review section, Web directory and events revamp are on the drawing board.  More details...

HOW, do they do that?
HOW Magazine - 26 January 1999
February's issue of HOW has Typography and Environmental Graphic Design as its theme. The table of contents and two articles are posted online.

ClearType science and serendipity
Redmond, WA. - 25 January 1999
Microsoft's press pass site has an article describing how the ClearType team created breakthrough technology that makes computer displays clearer and easier to read. This article first appeared in Microsoft's internal newsletter MicroNews.  More details...

Vector zone's history of type
San Francisco, CA. - 25 January 1999
Macromedia's new Flash promotional vehicle the vector zone includes an article by Margaret Richardson on the history of type design.  More details...

Enhanced PDF for eBooks?
San Francisco, CA. - 25 January 1999
Margaret Quan of EE Times reports that Adobe are expected to unveil an electronic book enhanced version of the Acrobat Portable Document Format this week.  More details...

SOTA moving
Mansfield, MA. - 22 January 1999
SOTA (the society of typographic aficionados) is in the process of moving to a new Internet service provider. SOTA's new email address is  More details...

Open eBook site opens
Redmond, WA. - 22 January 1999
The Open eBook Web site opened for business on January 7. The site, set up by Microsoft, NuvoMedia and the SoftBook Press includes articles, press release and news links concerning the emerging electronic books standard. The Open eBook draft specification should be posted on the site in the near future.  More details...

Flashline font catalog hits 500
Cleveland, OH. - 21 January 1999, the new online marketplace for fonts and other digital products, has announced the expansion of its online type collection to over 500 fonts. This collection from designers worldwide provides an easy and immediate way to buy fonts over the Internet.  More details...

Conference cancellation confirmed
Denver, CO. - 21 January 1999
Following Chris MacGregor's report that the TYPOCHONDRIA conference scheduled for next month has been cancelled, the organizers have confirmed that this is the case.  More details...

Reach out and TouchType
New York, NY. - 20 January 1999
The latest iteration of U&lc online goes live today. 25.3.2 includes a feature by Olav Martin Kvern describing Adobe's long abandoned TouchType product, and its modern day successor, FingerType. Also in this update you'll find the online version of John D. Berry's article on ITC Founder's Caslon.  More details...

Pirates stole my handwriting
San Francisco, CA. - 19 January 1999
In the February 1999 issue of Wired, Matt Groening, creator of the hit TV show The Simpsons, talks about the font pirates who stole his handwriting.  More details...

The power to TransType
Russia - 18 January 1999
The FontLab developers group, a band of Russian type engineers responsible for, amongst other things, FontLab, have produced TransType, a font conversion utility for the Mac.  More details...

Will Y2K break my fonts? Probably not
Chicago, IL. - 16 January 1999
Sans Serif has posted an article reporting that fonts probably won't break in the year 2000.

Mac Web core fonts euro enabled
Redmond, WA. - 15 January 1999
Euro enabled Apple Macintosh versions of Microsoft's core fonts for the Web have been made available for download.  More details...

Windows 3.1x euro update posted
Redmond, WA. - 15 January 1999
Microsoft has posted an update that adds limited euro currency symbol support to the Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.1 and 3.11 operating systems.  More details...

LP Fonts get wired and discounted
Seattle, WA. - 15 January 1999
LetterPerfect Fonts has just re-wired its Web site with full e-commerce capability. In addition LetterPerfect is offering web shoppers an across-the-board 20% discount on over 60 fonts.  More details...

Monotype: Y2K and fonts
Elk Grove Village, IL. - 14 January 1999
Monotype have issued a statement about fonts and Y2K issues.

Swiss design duo probed by Fontzone
London, England - 14 January 1999
Jack Yan explores the Mac-less world of Odermatt & Tissi, arguably Switzerland’s best-known design consultancy.

View from ATypI 98
Chicago, IL. - 14 January 1999
Sans Serif have posted Phan Nguyen's review of ATypI 98.

Tyd waits for no man
Type.Design - 14 January 1999
There's a new organization on the typographic block, it's called Tyd, and you can read all about it in this e-mail by Hrant H. Papazian.  More details...

So special
New York, NY. - 12 January 1999
ITC have announced details of their January special offers.  More details...

Amateur dramatics
San Jose, CA. - 11 January 1999
No stranger to drama, Adobe's type expert Robin Williams explores the dramatic world of script fonts.

Font Bureau's new fonts
Fontzone - 9 January 1999
Fontzone has posted an article about the Font Bureau's new releases.  More details...

View from Typo[media]
Chicago, IL. - 9 January 1999
Sans Serif have posted Chris MacGregor's review of Typo[media] 98.

TDC compo deadline extended
New York, NY. - 8 January 1999
The closing date for the Type Directors Club 1998 typeface design competition has been extended until the 18th January. Any typeface design created in 1998 is eligible and the closing date is 8 January 1999. The judges are: Freda Sack, Tobias Frere-Jones, Barbara Glauber, Hans Eduard Meier and Dennis Ortiz-Lopez. The entry form is available from the TDC site.

ClearType clarified
Information Week - 4 January 1999
Within hours of Microsoft's ClearType announcement Internet news sites and discussion groups were abuzz with speculation about the new technology. Journalist Stuart J. Johnston cuts through this tangled web of information and misinformation in his Information Week article Clarifying ClearType.  More details...

RoboFog site updated
Delft, Netherlands - 3 January 1999
Petr van Blokland's RoboFog pages have been updated, reorganized and moved to a new location. RoboFog is a scriptable application for type design and outline editing, based on Macromedia Fontographer 3.5.

Dagger winners announced
Stevens Point, WI. - 3 January 1999
The Digital Type Review has posted an initial announcement of its editor's choice 'Dagger' awards.

Flash - ah ha., savior of the Univers!
San Francisco, CA. - 1 January 1999
Publish magazine with the lowdown on Flashline the new online font distributor.

ATypI 98 - the Publish angle
San Francisco, CA. - 1 January 1999
Publish have posted an online version Cynthia Hollandsworth's review of the ATypI 98 conference.

What is Plazm?
London, England - 1 January 1999
Former U&lc editor and Portland resident Margaret Richardson interviews local design collective Plazm in this month's dz3 update.

Serif site redesign
Chicago, IL. - 1 January 1999
To celebrate the redesign of the Serif Web site, anyone who subscribes to the print version of the magazine during January using the online ordering page will receive a bonus issue.

Boston's print museum finds home
Chicago, IL. - 1 January 1999
Sans Serif reports, that Boston's Museum of Printing has found a home.

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