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Typography news February 2006

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Font Bureau Escrow
Boston, Mass. - 27 February 2006
Font Bureau, Inc. is proud to release Escrow, a new display family by Cyrus Highsmith.  More details...

True(Type) Grit
Baseline Fonts - 27 February 2006
Baseline Fonts Design & Type Co. has now released a free companion set for the popular Grit Primer collection.  More details...

Monday morning distractions
Various - 27 February 2006
From the Onion archive, from 2004 Typo Results In 10,000-Acre Wyoming Skate Park, and from 1997 Ünited Stätes Toughens Image With Umlauts also this is silly but fun. Thanks Mike for the links. Now back to work.

Fonts that glow - 22 February 2006
This article in Stuff magazine raves abut the neon typography of award winning type designer Andrew Byrom.

Tiny type served cheaters
China - 22 February 2006
Tiny books from the Qing Dynasty.

A new typography journal
International - 20 February 2006
The International Journal of Digital Typography, co-edited by Yannis Haralambous, John Plaice and Apostolos Syropoulos is seeking contributions.

New from the Batty press
W.NY, NY. - 20 February 2006
Two new books slated for release this month should be of interest to designers working in Arabic typography and design.

Typography is…
cbbc - 20 February 2006
Typography is art made out of letters, numbers and symbols. Read more at the BBC kids site.

London, UK - 20 February 2006
SpeakUp directs our attention to 30gms, a design blog from London based agency Fibre. Their typography section includes some funny posts, this one had us in stitches ;-)

Verdana fails to make the cut
London, UK. - 20 February 2006
The public has spoken and the BBC / Design Museum, Great British Design Quest field has narrowed from 25 to ten. Sadly Verdana failed to make the second round, so we're calling on all the typography fans out there to lend their support to The Underground Map.

Left to his own Device fonts - 20 February 2006
Device Fonts is 10 years old, and to commemorate the event Ryan has produced a new brochure featuring 114 brand new designs has been released.

Vintners decry label regs & fees
Seattle PI - 18 February 2006
The typorati may avoid wines with labels using Papyrus or Algerian, but proposed rules may require that US wine producers get federal approval for label designs, at a fee of $100 a pop. That's bad news for vintners and the army of graphic designers creating the labels for them.  More details...

Tigers shirts?
Korean Herald - 17 February 2006
A Korean take on the Nike redesign of their national team football (soccer) shirt. "The rather chunky blocks of number letterings on the jersey … were inspired by the straight lines of Hangeul script."

Typo terms treasure
Belgium - 16 February 2006
Typo/phile/graphica/ regular Yves Peters was kind enough to send us this great little promo piece he designed for Don Q Design. Thanks Yves.  More details...

New stamp technology
The Netherlands - 16 February 2006
Engadget reports on full-motion postage stamps issued by the Dutch Post Office. Interestingly the designers picked a lo-tech bitmap font to accompany the high tech image.

Monotype press reaction
Various - 14 February 2006
Matt Hines eWEEK article Adjustable Fonts Help Unlock the Small Screen.

Myfonts newsletter
Cambridge, Mass. - 14 February 2006
The latest news from Myfonts.

Partners in Type
Denmark - 14 February 2006
Ole Søndergaard and Morten Rostgaard Olsen, whose designs include FF Signa, FF Max, FF Olsen, have teamed up to form fontpartners.

Typography Papers 6
Reading, UK. - 14 February 2006
Hyphen Press announces the availability of Typography Papers No. 6. Edited and made at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading. More via typophile.

Bad handwriting
London, UK. - 13 February 2006
The Guardian blames bad handwriting on Times New Roman.

Typo sign of the times
France - 13 February 2006
Jean-Christophe Loubet del Bayle reports that the February issue of the Typographic Times is now available.

Porchez Newsletter
Malakoff, France - 13 February 2006
Latest news from Porchez Typofonderie, also version française.

Rappers don’t Photoshop
Brandweek - 13 February 2006
Brandweek interview with in-demand graphic designer and tattoo artist Mister Cartoon. A rapper wouldn't do it Photoshop, wouldn't do it in Illustrator font and turn it in with Pantone color. A rapper don't know nothing about that stuff.

AEF newsletter - 13 February 2006
News from Altered Ego Fonts.  More details...

Verdana gets no love
The Telegraph - 13 February 2006
In a critique of the Great Brittish Design Quest The Telegraph asks By what criteria would any sane person want to choose between Concorde, the World Wide Web and something most of us have barely noticed, the "Verdana" typeface? The online article, as you might have guessed, is set in Verdana.

Korean rebrand woes
Korea Times - 13 February 2006
Korean Times article on why Korean rebrands are failing.

FontShop news
SF, CA. - 12 February 2006
FontShop's latest newsletter.

Linotype charms again
Germany - 12 February 2006
Linotype's latest newsletter.

RSS Characters
The Netherlands - 12 February 2006
Characters Font Foundry now has it's own RSS 2.0 feed. Syndicate to the feed to learn about new releases, font updates, Characters in use and interesting promotional news.

Project Diacritics update
Prague, CZ. - 12 February 2006
Filip Blazek has expanded the Project Diacritics website. Now you can easily attach pictures to particular languages and diacritical marks.

Parisine Plus PTF
Malakoff, France - 10 February 2006
Parisine Plus PTF is finally out with 904 glyphs by weights, around 40000 kerns by weights for 12 weights and several interesting stylistic sets.  More details...

Monotype BREWs with Qualcomm
Woburn & Salfords - 10 February 2006
Monotype Imaging has licensed its font rendering and text layout solution to all-caps wireless enabler QUALCOMM for its BREW solution. See the press release.  More details...

Stone rolls 5th wheel
Alphabet Ranch, CA. - 10 February 2006
Cycles Five, made specifically for setting the fine print, is now available.

FT on Design Museum - 10 February 2006
The Financial Times on The Design Museum.

Jenny Lam on Channel 9
msdn - 7 February 2006
Microsoft design guru Jenny Lam talks to Channel 9.  More details...

Typo 18 released
Prague, CZ. - 6 February 2006
The 18th issue of the TYPO magazine is dedicated to British typographer Matthew Carter. Get the details via typophile.

PDF support in Word
Channel 9 - 6 February 2006
A video chat with Luke Williams, a software developer on the Office team, who worked on Word's save as PDF feature.  More details...

Recently on Creativepro - 6 February 2006
Gene Gable on gun advertising, John Berry with ten top typography tips and Jay Nelson on XPress 7.

Lincoln Gothic
Cambridge, Mass. - 6 February 2006
Bitstream announces 12 member Lincoln Gothic family.  More details...

Top selling fonts
Various - 6 February 2006
No surprises in the font sales charts published by MyFonts, Linotype, Veer and ITC, except that Helvetica, MyFonts best seller doesn't appear on Linotype's top 20 chart.

Tal's new site - 5 February 2006
OpenType wizard Tal Leming has put up a more content filled site visit, of particualr interest is this paper on OpenType randomization.

BBC at the Design Museum
London, UK. - 5 February 2006
The BBC reports that the Culture Show team will be in and around the Design Museum from 1pm to 3pm on Monday to interview people about their opinions on the designs appearing in the Great British Design Quest.

Monotype & Ikivo partnership
Woburn & Stockholm - 3 February 2006
Monotype Imaging and Ikivo AB, a developer of mobile SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) software solutions, have partnered to introduce scalable, multilingual text capabilities into multimedia SVG products for the mobile phone market. Read the press release.

Fedra Fedora?
The Netherlands - 1 February 2006
Typotheque hats and shirts and books.  More details...

Ascender's teen spirit
Elk Grove, IL. - 1 February 2006
Ascender Corporation, a leading provider of advanced font products today announced the release of its second original OpenType Pro typeface. Lindsey Pro is a new font created by Steve Matteson, Ascender’s Type Director, based on a teenager's handwriting.  More details...

Fresh Verdana
Europe - 1 February 2006
More Verdana in the news. In this case forming the basis of a new logo to promote European produce.

Type on radio
Australia - 1 February 2006
Australian daily radio show to provide platform to type designers and others involved in the book arts.  More details...

Oak font browser
Portsmouth, UK - 1 February 2006
A font browser created by puzzle maker Oak Systems for internal use is now avaialble under a shareware license.

Monotype OpenType
Woburn & Salfords - 1 February 2006
Monotype Imaging has introduced the OpenType version of its Monotype Library on CD and has added 190 new typefaces to the collection, which now numbers 1496, including 574 exclusives. Read the press release.

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