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Typography news November 1998

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Index posts conference archives
Houston, TX. - 30 November 1998
If you didn't make it TypeCon 98, Fuse 98 or typo[media] 98 you can still get a first hand account from the Internet Type Foundry Index. The popular type site has posted an archive of Chris MacGregor's dispatches from these global type events.

Fish says K2 will ship in March
MacWeek - 30 November 1998
MacWEEK's underwater gossip columnist 'Mac the Knife' claims that Adobe's 'thermonuclear publishing package' will ship in March 1999.

About face for new foundry
Houston, TX. - 30 November 1998
The type foundry formerly known as About Face has changed its name to About Type. The company, founded by type designers Chris MacGregor and Don Synstelien, offers typefaces in packs of ten starting at just $35. At this price they represent a cost-effective alternative to the low quality, knock-off font packs found elsewhere.

Adobe's micro books
San Jose, CA. - 30 November 1998
Could this be the future of print? Adobe's Palm-Size Press booklets may be cute, tiny and cheerful but they're craftily designed to make you buy Adobe type and graphics products. But that's no reason not to check them out.

Type tool author spotted in Swiss tabloid
Switzerland - 26 November 1998
The man behind Microsoft Typography's VTT (Visual TrueType hinting tool) is profiled in today's edition of Swiss newspaper 'Facts'. The article reports Barttr├Ąger Stamm, der in Altdorf bestens als Tell-Darsteller durchginge, ist einer von elf Schweizern, die am Microsoft-Firmensitz ergeben ihrem Chef Bill Gates dienen.

Russia imposes type standards
Russia - 25 November 1998
Russia's newspaper czars are up in arms over a government decree requiring that they ensure that their publications don't damage their reader's health. Andrew Harding of the BBC World Service reports, If a newspaper's print is too small, its columns too narrow or its ink too thin, Russia's Health Ministry wants to know.

Octavo's holiday sale
Palo Alto, CA. - 23 November 1998
Octavo is having a sale. Amongst various bargains you can save twenty percent on the 'Book Arts Bundle' which includes Bodoni: Manuale Tipografico and Chaucer: The Works Now Newly Imprinted.

TDC type design call for entries
New York, NY. - 23 November 1998
The Type Directors Club have announced details of their 1998 typeface design competition. Any typeface design created in 1998 is eligible and the closing date is 8 January 1999. The judges are: Freda Sack, Tobias Frere-Jones, Barbara Glauber, Hans Eduard Meier and Dennis Ortiz-Lopez. The entry form is available from the TDC site.

Mac Mag reviews font tool
eMediaWeekly - 20 November 1998
Mac media magazine eMediaWeekly has posted a review of DiamondSoft's Font Reserve 2.0 font management tool.

ClearType keeps 'em guessing
Las Vegas, NV. - 20 November 1998
The most common question asked by COMDEX attendees who witnessed Bill Gates' ClearType demo was 'How does it work?' Unfortunately Microsoft workers demonstrating the technology were keeping tightlipped over the exact details. This only served to encourage attendees to offer their own theories and explanations. Baffled attendees spent up to an hour closely examining 15 demonstration pages showing a range of sample texts, in various fonts, languages and type sizes.  More details...

ClearType hits the front pages
Various sources - 18 November 1998
ClearType has received mentions in numerous news publications.  More details...

TypeCon 98 breaks even
Mansfield, MA. - 18 November 1998
After concerns that the event would loose money, Bob Colby reports that the conference held last month in Westborough, MA. broke even. Planning for the next TypeCon is already underway with a February 2000 date one of several possibilities. See the Society of Typographic Aficionados site for more details.

Announcing ClearType
Las Vegas, NV. - 15 November 1998
Tonight at COMDEX/Fall '98, Bill Gates, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Corp., unveiled an unprecedented innovation in font display technology during his keynote address. The software, called Microsoft® ClearType™ font technology, dramatically improves font display resolution and marks a genuine breakthrough in screen readability. Come and see the technology in action at COMDEX booth, L#2202 or read the press release posted to our new ClearType technology information page.  More details...

Index on the move
Houston, TX. - 15 November 1998
Chris MacGregor announced today that the Internet type Foundry Index will be moving to the servers of the Three Island Press sometime in the next few months. These servers already host the TypeRight site and The Type Quarry.

Keep an eye on...
CRN - 10 November 1998
Computer Reseller News names Adobe chief Dr John Warnock, as 'one to watch' in this year's roundup of 20 industry people set to make a mark in 1999.

ATypI 98 reviewed
New York, NY. - 10 November 1998
Faster than a speeding TGV (a very fast French train) the U&lc team disappeared into the Channel Tunnel and emerged with a review of the recent ATypI conference held in Lyon.

TypeCon 98 revealed
New York, NY. - 10 November 1998
U&lc's editor John D. Berry has posted an interesting report documenting his experiences at last weeks TypeCon conference. The latest update to U&lc also includes the first in a series of columns by 'cyberpunk' guru, Bruce Sterling.

Multiple Master fonts explained
San Jose, CA. - 10 November 1998
Adobe columnist Robin Williams has moved on from providing Web advice, and this week she's chatting about Multiple Master fonts.

Euro blitz!
Redmond, WA. - 9 November 1998
Most of our Window's Core fonts for the Web have been updated to include the new euro currency symbol. The pan-European WGL4 version of Matthew Carter's Georgia has also been posted.  More details...

Polaroids lost
Frankfurt, Germany - 9 November 1998
Ed Fella has lost his photos, if you've seen them please get in touch.  More details...

OpenType specification v1.2 released
Redmond, WA. - 6 November 1998
Version 1.2 of Microsoft and Adobe's OpenType specification was released today. The following announcement was mailed to people on the OpenType developers list.  More details...

Typo[media] is go!
Frankfurt, Germany - 5 November 1998
Despite technical difficulties articles are beginning to appear on the dz3 Typo[media] site.

Final Windows 95 euro update ships
Redmond, WA. - 5 November 1998
A link to the 'final Windows 95 euro product update' has just been added to Microsoft's Windows euro information page. This update goes beyond the beta version, adding fonts, codepage and system level support for the symbol. See our euro FAQ for more details.  More details...

Xerox paper product
San Francisco, CA. - 4 November 1998
Wired News reports that Xerox Parc may be closer to bringing electronic paper to market than MIT bankrolled rival E Ink.

[T-26] gets flashy
Chicago, Il. - 3 November 1998
In an explosion of exciting Flash animations, and with excellent use of Microsoft's core fonts for the Web the brand new [T-26] site has been officially unleashed.

Adobe fix Photoshop 5 font bugs
San Jose, CA. - 3 November 1998
Adobe have issued patches for the Mac and Windows versions of Photoshop 5 that fixes, amongst other things, several font related problems.

Type design list launched
West Hollywood, CA. - 2 November 1998
Type designer Michel Bujardet has set up a new e-mail list targeted towards type designers. It is a non moderated interractive list, open to all type designers and non type designers - see the sign up page (link expired) for details. Michel promises a 'lively discussio'.  More details...

Typo[media] coverage is go!
Frankfurt, Germany - 2 November 1998
Clive and the dz3 team will be reporting live from the Typo[media] conference.

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