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Typography news December 2003

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Live Type gets Eye treatment
London, England - 31 December 2003
Bits of Matt Soar’s review of Apple’s new type technology. The full piece appears in Eye issue 50.  More details...

Eye on the Arabic Univers
London, England - 31 December 2003
An abstract from Paul Khera's article has been posted at The full piece appears in Eye issue 50.  More details...

Happy new year
Redmond, WA. - 31 December 2003
As the typographic year comes to a close be sure to look back at some of the 285 typographic news items we've posted over the last twelve months.

ATypI Prague teaser - 30 December 2003
PRAGUEThe color scheme appears to be 'electric pink' and black and the dates (Sep 30 to Oct 3) have been set. More to be posted to at some point in the future.  More details...

Comicraft deal rides again
Santa Monica, CA. - 30 December 2003
It's become a tradition at Comicraft's to reward customers at the end of each year with a one day opportunity to purchase fonts at low low LOW prices.  More details...

Typophile calendar extension - 29 December 2003
It's not too late to submit a design for the Typophile 2004 DIY calendar.

Greeks sharing .gifs
Thessaloniki, Greece - 29 December 2003
The organizers of the 2nd International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication have made Web graphics available to help promote the event.  More details...

OpenType Taz III - 28 December 2003
Luc de Groot jumps aboard the OpenType wave with the release of Taz III, a fifteen weight family featuring four numeral and currency styles.  More details...

The Netherlands - 27 December 2003
Fine typography from Europe. Fred Smeijers' new foundry site.  More details...

OpenType Apex Serif
Barrington, IL. - 26 December 2003
Apex Serif by Thirstype's Chester and Rick Valicenti is now available as a complete OpenType type family.  More details...

dot dot dot 7 out
The Netherlands - 25 December 2003
The seventh issue of design mag dot dot dot is now in the shops.  More details...

Calgary, AB. - 25 December 2003
Ding, ding! Think Photoshop Tennis with gloves on, and you'll be somewhat close to picturing Veer's new Lightboxing feature.  More details...

Process launches Lingua
Minneapolis, MN. - 23 December 2003
Process Type Foundry has just released Lingua, a new OpenType font with nearly 200 ligatures.  More details...

The Vico collaboration
Creativepro - 23 December 2003
John Berry reports on this unusual collaboration between master printer, Jack Stauffacher, and photographer, Dennis Letbetter.

Veer scoops design awards
Calgary, AB. - 18 December 2003
Veer announces that Graphic Design:usa magazine has honored the company with top prizes in three categories at the 2003 American Graphic Design Awards.  More details...

Benton Sans
Boston, Mass. - 18 December 2003
Font Bureau announces the release of Benton Sans.  More details...

Chank news - 17 December 2003
Chank's mid-December mail out - reproduced in full.  More details...

FontShop keyword quest
San Francisco, CA. - 16 December 2003
Erik Spiekermann has 25,000 fonts to catalog and needs your help.  More details...

Indie Fonts I discount
Washington DC - 16 December 2003
Phil's Fonts is having a sale, and it lasts until December 31. Indie Fonts I is selling for $15.95.  More details...

Bookshelf Symbol 7 removal tool
Redmond, WA - 12 December 2003
Microsoft has released the Bookshelf Symbol 7 Font Removal Tool: KB833404. This tool removes the Bssym7.ttf font that is included in Microsoft Office 2003. This font has been found to contain unacceptable symbols.

P22 & IHOF press release
Buffalo, NY. - 10 December 2003
More details on IHOF's recent releases.  More details...

Inspect your fonts
San Francisco, CA. - 10 December 2003
The Font Inspector is a MacOS X application designed to show the content of TrueType and OpenType font files, one at a time or several at once.

Burghal Design greetings cards - 7 December 2003
Burghal Design presents its inaugural line of holiday greeting cards.

Berry pokes at Priori
Creativepro - 5 December 2003
John Berry reviews the "almost-traditional text typeface" from Emigre and Jonathan Barnbrook.  More details...

New script fonts from P22 & IHOF
Buffalo, NY. - 5 December 2003
IHOF is proud to announce the addition of lettering artist Rob Leuschke to its roster of designers.  More details...

ClearType licensing program
Redmond, WA - 3 December 2003
ClearType is part of Microsoft's expanded access to its extensive intellectual property portfolio program announced today.  More details...

ITC discount - 2 December 2003
Just in time for the holidays ITC offers 10% off.  More details...

Emigre wraps it up
Sacramento, CA. - 2 December 2003
Emigre is offering it's popular gift wrap this holiday season, as well as other typographic gifts for all your designer friends.  More details...

MyFonts News
Cambridge, Mass. - 1 December 2003
MyFonts has published the latest edition of its 'IN YOUR FACE' newsletter.  More details...

Pizza Dude December update
Denmark - 1 December 2003
The Pizza Dude has sent out his December mailing.  More details...

TypeCon San Fancisco - 1 December 2003
It's official TypeCon2004 will take place in San Francisco, July 22-25, 2004.  More details...

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