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Typography news March 2000

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FontShop wins landmark case
Köln, Germany - 27 March 2000
FontShop International has won a landmark legal case in the German courts granting full copyright protection to fonts. Read the Fontzone article for more details.  More details...

TypeCon reviewed
Type.Design - 27 March 2000
Tony Di Pietro has posted Hrant Papazian's review of TypeCon 1998. Without more support TypeCon 2000 may be cancelled.  More details...

Delayed Serif close to completion
Chicago, IL. - 22 March 2000
Don Hosek, editor of Serif magazine reports that issue seven is close to completion and that their online presence has moved to a new host.  More details...

TypeCon 2000 under threat
SOTA - 21 March 2000
Despite the success of TypeCon 98, the organizers of TypeCon 2000 have not reached their target for initial ticket sales. Those intending to attend TypeCon 2000 should contact as soon as possible.  More details... launches font sales
Cambridge, Mass. - 20 March 2000
Bitstream have added 'e-commerce' functionality to their site.  More details...

Poking fun at PDF
eBookNet - 20 March 2000
Anyone who's ever had to use Adobe's Acrobat Reader on a 14" monitor will appreciate this cartoon by Sebastien Caisse.  More details...

JFP featured on Adobe home page
San Jose, CA. - 20 March 2000
An article about French type designer Jean-Francois Porchez is featured in the Print section of Adobe's Web site... ' editor Joe Shepter had to reassure Porchez several times that, yes, we'll do a feature on a non-Adobe type designer.'  More details... to buy
Bellevue, WA. - 20 March 2000
Pay attention because you'll be tested on this later. In February last year Extensis acquired the popular Mac font manager Suitcase from Symantec. In July Extensis launched the Web site. In September Extensis changed their name to Today announced that they will acquire  More details...

Easier on the eyes
Los Angeles, CA. - 20 March 2000
The LA Times have posted an article about eBooks and ClearType.  More details...

Porchez update
Malakoff, France - 17 March 2000
Jean-Francois Porchez has updated the Gazette section of his Web site. The section includes an article describing his work setting up the 1998 ATypI conference.  More details...

Adobe announce InDesign version 1.5
San Jose, CA. - 13 March 2000
Adobe has announced the first upgrade to their InDesign desk-top-publishing package. Version 1.5 includes seventy new features.  More details...

Brace yourself for FontSpider
London, England - 13 March 2000
Fontzone are on the brink of releasing FontSpider, a search engine based service that indexes the major font sites on the Web.  More details...

Microsoft typography is hiring
Redmond, WA. - 13 March 2000
Microsoft's typography group is hiring developers and testers to build on our industry leading type technology. It's a chance to work alongside some of the brightest people in the industry. And a chance to help shape tomorrow's technology.  More details...

FreeType - patent work-around in production - 12 March 2000 reports that although they have no news to report concerning their negotiations with Apple over TrueType patent issues they are working on an 'auto-hinting module' to work around the patent problems.  More details...

Feds turn on Web thieves and cyber crimo's
TechWeb - 9 March 2000
Sleepless nights are in store for Joe font thief and friends using the Internet to distribute pirate fonts. TechWeb reports that the US federal government has revealed plans to clamp down on cyber crooks including those who engage in the 'unlawful distribution of computer software of other intellectual property'.  More details...

ClearType paper for SID
Redmond, WA. - 9 March 2000
A ClearType related paper 'Displaced Filtering for Patterned Displays' will be presented at the forthcoming Society for Information Display 2000 conference.  More details...

Open eBook FAQ posted - 7 March 2000
The eBookNet site has posted Dorothea Salo's Open eBook FAQ.

CSS in style - 6 March 2000
CSS causing headaches? Check out's new browser compatibility tables, browser sniffing scripts, CSS guides and free AlwaysWork style sheets.  More details...

Second try sees Carpenter nail it
Brazil - 6 March 2000
Carpenter Type has just launched a refreshed Web site.  More details...

Usability stars converge in London
Design Agenda - 6 March 2000
Stars from the world of usability including Jakob Nielsen and Bruce 'Tog' Tognazzini will be appearing at Design for Usability, a one day Design Agenda conference being held in London on Monday April 3.  More details...

Indic spec updated
Redmond, WA. - 6 March 2000
The Creating and supporting OpenType fonts for Indic scripts has been updated.  More details...

Metagalactic Camels
The Web - 4 March 2000
Relive those Commodore 64 and Amiga memories with ck!'s Freaky Fonts, based on classics from the distant past.

Save $10 on EyeWire font purchases
Calgary, Alberta - 3 March 2000
EyeWire have announced that customers can get $10 off any fonts purchased and downloaded during March.  More details...

New Etruscan words discovered
Italy - 3 March 2000 reports that an Italian researcher has deciphered 13 new words in the Etruscan language. Previously scholars knew 300 words of the Etruscan language.  More details...

WEFT community site
Redmond, WA. - 3 March 2000
Microsoft has set up an MSN community site to help support and promote the Web Embedding Fonts Tool, "WEFT".  More details...

Agfa Monotype buys ITC
Wilmington, Mass. - 2 March 2000
Agfa Monotype has announced the acquisition of the ITC type library of over 1600 fonts from Esselte. Fontzone has posted a short piece on the acquisition which includes financial details not mentioned in the press release.  More details...

Williams writes about uncial type
Calgary, Alberta - 1 March 2000
Font commentator Robin Williams has contributed an article on uncial type to the EyeWire site.  More details...

Ditchling, England. - 1 March 2000
The Lettering Today and Tomorrow Web site is up and running, showcasing the program's calligraphy, type and handwriting studies.  More details...

Is that part of Unicode 3.0?
Weekly world News - 1 March 2000
In its coverage of 'possessed computers' the Weekly World News reports that one particular demonically controlled computer spewed 'a stream of obscenities written in a 2,800-year-old Mesopotamian dialect!' the font used was not specified.  More details...

Linotype Finnegan
Germany - 1 March 2000
Linotype have posted an article about Finnegan, their latest sanserif text face.  More details...

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