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Typography news March 2006

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Fonts taking the Mickey
boingboing - 30 March 2006
Documented case of a corporation using freeware copies of its own corporate fonts. Probably not as uncommon as you'd think.

Font Diner 10 - 29 March 2006
This year marks Font Diner's 10th year in business. Congratulations from everyone on the typography team here at Microsoft.  More details...

CS3 this time next year
Forbes - 28 March 2006
Forbes interview with Adobe boss Bruce Chizen reveals that Adobe Creative Suite 3 will be out in the second quarter of 2007. Via Fontzone.

A font of readers?
Detroit Free Press - 28 March 2006
For typographers 'font' is already a loaded term, but now a newspaper columnist is putting forward the suggestion that it be used a collective noun describing a group of newspaper readers. Suggestions for a collective noun describing a group of newspaper columnists would be appreciated.

Edward Johnston 2006 seminar
Ditchling, Surrey. - 27 March 2006
Ditchling was home to the Johnston & Gill communities and now hosts the annual Edward Johnston seminar. Details have just been announced.  More details...

PingMag on Akira - 27 March 2006
PingMag interviews Akira Kobayashi.

Web 2.0 style is well rounded
FontShop - 22 March 2006
FontShop's latest FontFeed newsletter looks at the latest trends in Web style which included rounded type. Web designers are employing new methods to present information in the clearest, most readable way, while still flaunting some style.

Comic book font club - 22 March 2006
Once again, Comicraft are offering the chance to subscribe to a year's worth of "The World's Greatest Comic Book Fonts" for $129.  More details...

How to make your own font - 22 March 2006
Jacci Howard Bear reveals secrets of the dark art of type design.

The first 2 rules of typography…
Bermuda - 21 March 2006
…never mix fonts and cats. See the kitty letter write up in The Royal Gazette.

ATypI Tech Forum call
Lisbon, Portugal - 21 March 2006
Announcing the opening of the Call for Presentation Proposals for the TypeTech Forum of the ATypI Lisbon 2006 conference.  More details...

Designing Type
Seattle, WA. - 20 March 2006
Yesterday afternoon the typography news team were lucky enough to leaf through an advance copy of Designing Type and chat with its author Seattle's own Karen Cheng.  More details...

Metro-Ellen - 20 March 2006
Metropolis interviews Ellen Lupton designer, educator, and writer talks about the evolution and future of graphic design.

Concorde takes off, wins it all
BBC - 19 March 2006
The results are in and the Concorde has won the Great British Design Quest, edging the London Tube map into second place. As for our favorite, Verdana, it placed 22nd, just ahead of the Dyson vacuum cleaner and Brody's The Face magazine.

Half Verdana half Futura?
Switzerland - 19 March 2006
Swiss luxury watch maker Ventura uses a trademark Ventura font on their watch faces. Despite the name it doesn't resemble Verdana or Futura.

Lock and load - 18 March 2006
House Industries' United catalog is hot off the press. Order your free copy today before they run out.

Grotesk event
Germany - 16 March 2006
Grotesk is a Typevents event being held in Germany in June.

Terry Jones interview
Business Week - 16 March 2006
Steven Heller chats with i-D magazine boss Terry Jones.

Web font philosophy
webpronews - 15 March 2006
Jason Lee Miller on the essentials of font philosophy.

Where the rubber meets the road
Cooperstown, NY. - 14 March 2006
There have been several high-profile logo redesigns over the past few months, some well received others not so liked. However the new Cooper Tires leaves us a little sad as the logo no longer uses the Cooper Black font.

Signs of the (olden) times
Florida - 14 March 2006
Miami Beach planners are set to test road signage set in Futura. Maybe not the best signage font, but they certainly could have done worse.

FontExplorer v.1 released
Germany - 14 March 2006
Linotype is pleased to announce the official release [PDF] of FontExplorer Version 1.0 for Mac OS X.

Chanks travels - 13 March 2006
What started as a Go Font Yourself job turned into a custom font project that resulted in a remarkable family called Dinkle with four handwriting styles.

Oded Ezer new site
Israel - 13 March 2006
Oded Ezer announces the launch of the all new version of his web site.  More details...

The final three
London, UK. - 13 March 2006
Voting has closed in the final round of the Great British Design Quest, our pick of the shortlist, the Underground map is still in the running but is up against Concorde and The Spitfire. The winner will be announced on Thursday.

More on bad design
The Guardian - 13 March 2006
Germaine Greer on bad design.

Spurs scores with DM font
London, SW9 - 13 March 2006
Vincent Connare's favorite English pro-league soccer franchise Tottenham Hotspur have just unveiled a redrawn rooster and custom font designed by chirpy Londoners Dalton Maag. Lets hope this 'spurs' them on to gold in this year's world cup!  More details...

Porchez on the move
Sèvres, France - 13 March 2006
JFP reports on the Typofonderie's move from Malakoff to Sèvres. Yes there is a Lambretta in the studio.

Franklin's Caslon
Buffalo, NY. - 8 March 2006
P22 announces two new titles: Franklin's Caslon and Dada Special Edition.  More details...

MyFonts adds Berthold types
Cambridge, Mass. - 8 March 2006
MyFonts announced today that the Berthold BQ Library is now available at  More details...

edoc gets a font clue?
Seattle, WA. - 8 March 2006
Clothing maker edoc laundry is getting plenty of press for its murder mystery line of clothing, involving a fictional band with the same name as the popular font Poor Richard, a coincidence, or could this be a clue?

Free as in fonts
germany - 8 March 2006
Vitaly Friedman's blog post on the best free fonts has quite a following, and has also been purged of some of the not so free, free fonts, previously included.

Inspired by Inuktitut
London, UK. - 8 March 2006
Paper maker's custom font inspired by the Inuktitut alphabet. Via 32gms.

Chank helping big cats
Minneapolis, MN. - 8 March 2006
For the month of March, will donate 10% of all font sales to The Wildcat Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill sanctuary, committed to providing permanent homes for captive wildcats.

Josh Darden online sales - 7 March 2006
You can now license fonts like Big Freight directly from the Joshua Darden Web site. Via typophile.

Letter Arts award for Sakkal
Bothell, WA. - 6 March 2006
Congratulations to type designer Mamoun Sakkal for winning first prize in Letter Arts Review annual international competition.  More details...

Sakkal logos in LogoLounge
Bothell, WA. - 6 March 2006
Four logotypes from Sakkal Design, incorporating Arabic calligraphy, are to be included in the forthcoming book LogoLounge 3.  More details...

Scoring the typo goods
Typophile - 6 March 2006
The Typorati reveal their ebay secrets.

FT revisits the Bauhaus
Financial Times - 6 March 2006
Edwin Heathcote's not smitten with Itten in this piece about the Albers & Moholy-Nagy exhibit at Tate Modern which opens this week.  More details...

Hurray for Fort Dunlop
BBC - 6 March 2006
Factory sign gets the Hollywood treatment. Thanks to Laurence for the link

United is done
HouseInd - 5 March 2006
The always-interesting House blog has been teasing us with snippets of information about the upcoming release United - and now reveals that the pack is done.

Volvo logo rolls on
AutoCorse - 5 March 2006
Short article on Volvo's logo.

A survey of free font licenses
NewsForge - 5 March 2006
A writer reviews three free font licenses.

Ugly design, more believable?
Scobelizer - 5 March 2006
Robert Scoble on a Canadian web entrepreneur who credits non-slick Web page design for his massive profits. (link removed)

Dyson picks Eurostile
Paddocktalk - 5 March 2006
Dyson race team explains Eurostile logo pick - it's "an angular font that is clean and reflects a motorsports heritage."

TDC FontTech Weekend
NY, NY. - 2 March 2006
Expand your type designing and font production skillset at the TDC FontTech seminar. Learn the new advances in type design tools and their use.  More details...

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