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Typography news March 2007

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She’s rock solid!
Redmond, WA. - 31 March 2007
Friday was Jenny Lam’s last day at Microsoft. Over the years we worked with her she was tireless promoter of good typography in Windows, and she’ll be missed. We wish her the best of luck in the future.  More details...

Photoshop palette petition
typophile - 30 March 2007
Sadly, there’s no glyph palette in the CS3 verison of Photoshop, but if you want to see one in CS4 post a plea on Miguel Sousa’s typophile thread.

Drop the font, prepare to be audited
London, UK - 30 March 2007
Monotype UK reveals that audited small business computers have an average of 300 unlicensed fonts.

Remembering San Serriffe
USA Today - 30 March 2007
USA Today's list of the top five April Fool’s day spoofs links to the famous The Guardian article.

Spiderfont hero unmasked
CVG - 29 March 2007
Sony’s decision to brand the PS3 using the recycled Spider Man movie font was made by the man at the very top, company president Ken Kutaragi.  More details...

Popchar 3 for Windows
Austria - 29 March 2007
Press release announces the latest version of Popchar.

Batty Berry book launch
Seattle, WA. - 27 March 2007
Several low quality camera phone pics from the dot.font book launch.  More details...

Otl Aicher book reviewed
Core77 - 27 March 2007
Robert Blinn reviews Markus Rathgeb’s book on the life and work of Otl Aicher.

Type neutrality
Soho, NYC. - 27 March 2007
Artist explores neutral type.

Germany - 27 March 2007
preussTYPE & GTF releases Phoenica, a legible contemporary humanist sans serifs font family.  More details...

Baseball typography preview
ESPN - 27 March 2007
Paul Luka’s review of Major League Baseball 2007 season uniforms identifies typographic changes for several teams.

FontShop news
SF, CA. - 26 March 2007
New typefaces on include the critically acclaimed Relato from Emtype (Eduardo Manso of Spain); Vialog, a comprehensive wayfinding system; and fifteen families from Angus R. Shamal’s ARS Type, a new collection exclusive to FontShop.  More details...

Typography news is back
Redmond, WA - 26 March 2007
After being away from the office for more than a month the typography news team plans to get back on schedule with new news and catch up on posting things that went on over the past few weeks.

Monotype update
Woburn, MA. - 26 March 2007
A bunch of press releases from Monotype Imaging.  More details...

Linotype TypoTechnica latest
Frankfurt, Germany - 26 March 2007
The latest TypoTechnica news.  More details...

AG goes Greek and Cyrillic
Chicago, IL. - 26 March 2007
Berthold announces Greek and Cyrillic extensions to Akzidenz-Grotesk.  More details...

Wii to get scalable type
Various - 26 March 2007
Wii developers respond to beta testers complaints around "blurry and hard to read" browser type.

Type Studio mail out - 26 March 2007
The latest news from Ilene Strizver.  More details...

Dot-font in print
Seattle, WA. - 7 March 2007
John Berry’s latest books have been published under the Mark Batty imprint. The books Dot-font: Talking About Design and Dot-font: Talking About Fonts are drawn from John’s work writing a typography column for Creativepro.

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