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Typography news April 2005

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New P22 fonts released
Buffalo, NY. - 29 April 2005
P22 & IHOF announces the release of 2 new fonts, Kilkenny and St.G Schrift, from 2 new IHOF designers, Colin Kahn and Paul Hunt.  More details...

Tiger fonts revealed
Germany - 29 April 2005
Looking for Tiger fonts? Look no further.

Typophile relaunch set for 5/5 - 29 April 2005
After five years and almost 100,000 postings the Typophile site and discussion board is about to be relaunched with a brand new site.  More details...

Chieftain facelift
Wallowa County, OR. - 28 April 2005
A local newspaper redesign.

FontMaster 2.1.3
The Netherlands - 28 April 2005
Prior to the release of edition 2.5 of DTL FontMaster, which will contain major enhancements and is scheduled for summer 2005, version 2.1.3 of FM is now available.  More details...

World font news 4/27
Various - 27 April 2005
Police advise harassed accountant to redesign his license plate. El Pais on Telefónica's rebranding of the letter m.  More details...

Times for a case study
BrandRepublic - 26 April 2005
Superbrands has posted a case study on The Times newspaper.  More details...

Banking on Arial
Pune, India - 26 April 2005
The Times of India reports that a panel set up by the Reserve Bank of India has declared that credit card solicitation letters should be set in 12pt Arial.  More details...

Target pops pill conventions
MSNBC - 25 April 2005
Target claims bigger type and flatter bottles should help keep patients safe.

Licensed public hack
New York, NY. - 25 April 2005
The New Yorker reports that New York's taxi 'medallion' is getting a typographic work-over.

Evert Bloemsma
The Netherlands - 25 April 2005
This morning on the ATypI list Albert-Jan Pool reports the sad news that Evert Bloemsma passed away. Evert was the type designer responsible for FF Balance, FF Avance, FF Cocon and FF Legato.

Ascender picks up IBM fonts
Chicago, IL. - 25 April 2005
Ascender Corporation announced today that it is able to license IBM Heisei Japanese fonts to hardware and software developers.

GLP and fonts
ZDNet - 22 April 2005
The discussion about embedded GPL fonts and document content that has been bubbling on the blogs all week is now being reported on ZDNet.

APHA lecture
Chicago, IL. - 21 April 2005
On May 21 John Downer will deliver a lecture and following Alan Haley will officially launch the Monotype Foundation.  More details...

Typo Beirut report
Beirut, Lebanon - 19 April 2005
Dan Reynolds reports from Beirut.

Linotype Arabic font compo
Beirut, Lebanon - 19 April 2005
Linotype invites you to take part in its 1st Arabic Type Design Competition.

Felici on Mac font managers
Macworld - 19 April 2005
James Felici attempts to unravel the complexities of font management on the Mac by looking at a bunch of third party tools that help.

Monotype foundation formed
Woburn & Salfords - 19 April 2005
Monotype Imaging has established the Monotype Foundation, a nonprofit company dedicated to the worldwide advancement of the typographic arts.  More details...

Tankard's book 'a keeper'
Creativepro - 18 April 2005
John D. Berry looks at Jeremy Tankard's TypeBooKOne.  More details...

Bigger type is better
Charlotte, NC. - 18 April 2005
Only we would find this interesting. Newspaper increases type size by 0.2pt.

Read Reading
Various - 18 April 2005
Articles on Read Regular, a font designed by Natascha Frensch with dyslexic readers in mind, appear in The Australian and in The Guardian.

ATypI on new managers
Reading, UK - 17 April 2005
The ATypI board has posted an official press release announcing Typevents as the organization's new management team.  More details...

Montreal goes 'all caps'
The Gazette - 15 April 2005
Bucking the global trend new street signs in Montreal are set to abandon the traditional upper and lower case convention and are going for the all capitals look.  More details...

Introducing Typevents
UK and elsewhere - 15 April 2005
Typevents is a newly formed, multi-national partnership that provides a comprehensive events service to the printing, paper, type, and graphic design communities.  More details...

Digital Text Cycles
Stavanger, Norway - 15 April 2005
Joe Clark was kind enough to forward us a link to an interesting paper by Terje Hillesund Digital Text Cycles: From Medieval Manuscripts to Modern Markup.

Harry Carter - Man of Type
London, UK - 15 April 2005
A St Bride talk on the life and work of Harry Carter, 'one of the least-known best-known men in the world of books'. Link via Typophile.

Redesigns and random reports
Various - 15 April 2005
Mexico gets rebranded, Edinburgh Evening News gets redesigned (pics), Martha Stewart's typography gets awarded and political posters get typographically vandalized in Reading.

ATypI exec's pack double punch - 15 April 2005
Shelley Gruendler and Caroline Archer are taking over the reins as the Executive Director(s) of ATypI. The post was previously held on a temporary basis by Cynthia Batty who took over just before ATypI Vancouver in 2003.  More details...

MS interview
The blogosphere - 14 April 2005
An interview with Mark Simonson. Link via Typographica.

Flying high
The web - 14 April 2005
The April issue of PDF based design mag Design In-Flight is now available and includes an article by font blog regular Hrant Papazian.

TypeCon fees posted
New York, NY. - 14 April 2005
TypeCon 2005 fees have been posted on the official TypeCon site and registration will open soon.  More details...

Comic Sans your site - 14 April 2005
Vincent Connare forwarded a link to this new German web site. Enter a URL and see the site displayed in Comic Sans.  More details...

Apple news
Cupertino, CA. - 13 April 2005
Apple's hot deals page is offering the Mac version of FontLab's TypeTool 2.0 tool for $98.  More details...

The Hindu redesigned
India - 13 April 2005
The Hindu newspaper has posted an article with details of its redesign. Like many international newspapers it went with a Font Bureau designed font, in this case Interstate.  More details...

The first rule of TypeClub is…
Toronto, ON. - 13 April 2005
…don’t talk about TypeClub. Unless the very entertaining Ray Larabie is going to give a talk titled How Hotdogs are Made.  More details...

UW-Madison hosts typo show
Madison, WI. - 12 April 2005
Significant works in the history of typography are on display in the exhibit "Paragraphs on Typography" at UW Madision's Memorial Library through Friday, June 10.

U&lc book press release
New York, NY. - 12 April 2005
The very latest publication from Mark Batty Publisher.  More details...

FontShop's new cat - 12 April 2005
Type is best seen in print. The latest FontShop catalog showcases fonts from some of their favorite boutique foundries.  More details...

Postcard of the day
Lake Tahoe, CA. - 11 April 2005
A haven for UI designers? The Tahoma resort.  More details...

Almost clear type
Leiden, Holland, - 11 April 2005
Frank E. Blokland dropped us an email with details of the work he's doing to render type in stained glass.  More details...

Auto typography and branding
AutoWeek - 11 April 2005
AutoWeek column on autotypography.

Ascender to offer Microsoft fonts
Redmond, WA. - 11 April 2005

Microsoft and Ascender have announced an agreement that lets the Illinois based company license a number of Microsoft fonts to end users, companies, OEM's and ISV's. See the Microsoft press release, the Ascender press release and visit the Microsoft fonts section of the Ascender web site.  More details...

Paper war
New York, NY. - 10 April 2005
The latest publication from Mark Batty Publisher.  More details...

Another upcoming Microsoft font
Seattle, WA. - 10 April 2005
The new Microsoft ClearType Collection fonts are quite rightly getting all the press, but they're not the only new fonts we're working on. A Microsoft blogger offers a peak at another new font Segoe Script.  More details...

Branding and brand typography
Houston Chronicle - 10 April 2005
Columnist William Safire exposes brands and branding.

The point of deception
Providence Business News - 9 April 2005
No one reads the small print - but if this legislation is approved the small print "must be printed in at least 14-point bold."

Beyoncé's font
France - 8 April 2005
If you're rich, gorgeous, famous and talented what do you spend your money on? Your own font of course.  More details...

Unicode decode
Germany - 8 April 2005
Johannes Bergerhausen announces an English beta for the Decode Unicode project.  More details...

The cost of 'invisible' text
France - 7 April 2005
French officials blame "invisible" footnote for costly reprint of European constitution.  More details...

David Earl's digestive
England - 7 April 2005 latest digest includes details of a new Matthew Carter article other font news and the latest Bald Condensed font roundup and review.

Flash to offer "way better" text
SF, CA. - 7 April 2005
Improved rendering of fonts is being pitched as one of the most important new features of Flash version 8.  More details...

LinoLetter April
Germany - 6 April 2005
The April edition of Linotype's LinoLetter newsletter.  More details...

ClearType the movie
Channel 9 - 6 April 2005
The ClearType team gets the Channel 9 treatment.  More details...

In the woods with Bill Hill
Channel 9 - 6 April 2005
Another great video blog entry featuring Bill Hill, charismatic leader of Microsoft's Advanced Reading Technology team.  More details...

"typography in topography"
The Scotsman - 5 April 2005
Short piece on Scottish artist Ian Hamilton Finlay who's work influenced the UK's three B's (Brody, Baines and Barnbrook).

New Veer wallpaper
Canada - 5 April 2005
Amongst the newly posted images, is the manifesto You can't design without type*.

OpenType in CS2
San Jose, CA. - 5 April 2005
Postings to the OpenType list reveal the font related extensions in Adobe's Creative Suite 2.  More details...

Printer's type…
London, UK. - 5 April 2005
Richard Southall's Printer's Type in the Twentieth Century has just been published.  More details...

Typographic obsessive evening
New York, NY. - 4 April 2005
Do you feel alone in your fascination with fonts? Join like-minded people for an intimate evening of typographic entertainment, featuring films, fonts, and commentary presented by a few of New York's most notorious typographically obsessed minds.  More details...

Book acrobatics - 4 April 2005
John D. Berry's latest Creativepro column describes the process of creating a PDF for a book designed to be read on-screen.  More details...

Lanston 'B'
Buffalo, NY. - 3 April 2005
Lanston Type Company (LTC), P22 type foundry's newest division, announces the release of 32 remastered classic type faces as Lanston Collection B.  More details...

Fools for type - 3 April 2005
April fools spoof degenerates into exploration of Macromedia branding and custom font project.

Type designers’ rights - 1 April 2005
Fontzone (subscription required) republishes John Downer's Interrobang article on type designers’ rights and the subculture of freeloading.

ATypI papers deadline extended
Finland and NY - 1 April 2005
This is no joke. ATypI gives the stragglers an extra two weeks to get their ATypI paper proposals submitted.  More details...

Fools for fonts
Various sources - 1 April 2005
xHeight Various items making the news today: Fontographer 2006, Pimp My Font reality TV, Porchez Typofonderie acquires Fonderie Olive and an interesting job posting.  More details...

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