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Typography news June 2005

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Apple’s Myriad shift
Daring Fireball - 30 June 2005
With Apple's move to color screens for all top-end iPods one commentator predicts we'll be seeing a lot more of Apple's special UI version of Adobe Myriad.  More details...

Fonts turn to Courier at midnight?
Joe Clark's street - 29 June 2005
Joe Clark exposes the inappropriate fonts used in the latest Russell Crowe epic Cinderella Man.

Fonts in the news
various - 29 June 2005
New Zealand Greens change campaign font following tourist board pressure. Credit Suisse changes logo to be more like DaimlerChrysler. CFO Magazine has been redesigned using Adobe's Warnock typeface.

Diner’s in the oven - 29 June 2005
Summer is here and so are new summer shirts from The Font Diner.  More details...

News from Typotheque
The Hague, NL. - 29 June 2005
Typotheque is happy to launch a new font - Fedra Sans Display 2, a collection of extra heavy fonts for use in large sizes.  More details...

…through the fonts of London
London, UK. - 28 June 2005
Typevents, has joined forces with a City of London Guide to offer specially tailored walking tours of typographic London.  More details...

Fonts added to - 28 June 2005 has added collections from Prime Graphics and BA Graphics – type foundries making their debut on the font shop of Monotype Imaging Inc. Read the press release.  More details...

Apple font job - 28 June 2005
Apple has placed a job posting on the Unicode site.

Ron Reason rides again
Newsdesigner - 28 June 2005
News designer reports that newspaper design commentator Ron Reason is back online after a three year break.

STEP on the design pirates - 27 June 2005
STEP Magazine has an article by Gunnar Swanson on copying in design.  More details...

"Artistes" need not apply
Delaware - 23 June 2005
House Industries are looking for a type designer.  More details...

More from Sparky
New Zealand - 22 June 2005
Sparky, AKA David Buck has provided us with the latest info related to SparkyType.  More details...

Apple font tools rev’d
Apple Font Group - 22 June 2005
The Apple font group has released version 3.0.0 of the Apple Font Tools Suite.  More details...

Bitstream news
Cambridge, MA. - 22 June 2005
Bitstream teams up with Mamoun Sakkal and with C-DAC, to bring non-Latin fonts to developers.  More details...

Ascender mini article
Chicago. IL - 20 June 2005
Chicago paper posts short article on Ascender Corp.  More details...

Great headline
NYT - 16 June 2005
NYT article on redesign of NJ Transit train timetables.

He’s coming for your sheep
Helsinki, Finland - 13 June 2005
This talk is sure to be one of the highlights of this year's ATypI conference.  More details...

ATypI schedule posted
Helsinki, Finland - 13 June 2005
The ATypI has posted provisional schedules for this year's conference, and the TypeTech Forum. Registration is now open.  More details...

Jobs reveals calligraphic past
San Francisco, CA. - 13 June 2005
Apple boss says his college calligraphy lessons may have led to "wonderful typography" on today's computers.

Forbes on co-branding - 13 June 2005
Forbes weighs in on the issue of co-branding with respect to Apple's decision to use Intel chips in new Mac products.

Star Wars type anti-technology?
Typographica - 13 June 2005
Suzy Rice, the designer responsible for the original Star Wars logo reveals some background behind the design and also speculates that the original movie series typography may have been part of George Lucas' 'anti-technology' statement.  More details...

Veer introduces Shuttleboard
New York, NY. - 13 June 2005
Shuttleboard is a new interactive web-based lightbox mode that significantly improves creative professionals’ ability to view, sort, and manipulate images and type before purchasing. Read the press release.  More details...

double space no one hears you type
Hollywood, CA. - 11 June 2005
Screenwriter weighs in on double space issue.

Mayor declares Type Week
New York, NY. - 10 June 2005
A note on the TypeCon home page reveals that New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has declared July 18-24 to be Type Week in New York.

New TypeCon site goes live!
New York, NY. - 10 June 2005
The official TypeCon site has been updated and registration is now open.  More details...

Foundation news
Woburn & Salfords - 9 June 2005
The official Monotype Foundation press release has been issued. Reproductions of original type drawings are now available online.  More details...

Watch this font - 7 June 2005
Rare watches up for auction at Christie's include "a stainless-steel Patek Philippe chronograph with Breguet numbers. The distinctive numeral typeface is named after its originator, legendary 18th-century French horologist Abraham-Louis Breguet."

Font off on Tangent
Brand Republic - 7 June 2005
Whenever you hear the phrase "bespoke typeface" you know a British design company was involved. In this case UK agency Draught creating a font for furniture company Tangent.

Publishing round up
Various - 6 June 2005
St Petersburg Times has started using Retina on its financial pages. David Sedaris confesses to being intimidated by the New Yorker typeface. Also a short piece to mark the Volvo brands 90th birthday.

Bitstream ships Font Fusion 3
Cambridge, Mass. - 6 June 2005
Bitstream announces the release of Font Fusion 3.0, the company's smallest, most advanced font rasterizing engine.

Flash touts better text
SF.CA - 6 June 2005
Macromedia touts improved font rendering as one of the biggest new features of the latest Flash reader.  More details...

Freight press release
Sandy Spring, MD - 2 June 2005
Phil's Fonts and GarageFonts are pleased to announce the release of Joshua Darden's new typeface family Freight.  More details...

Vote Verdana! - 2 June 2005
Matthew Carter's Verdana font has been nominated as one of the best pieces of British design, but trails other designs including the iPod and Pylon bike in early voting.  More details...

Chank joins OpenType wave
Minneapolis, MN. - 2 June 2005
For the May 2005 Font of the Month, Chank presents a deluxe OpenType version of his most celebrated font, Liquorstore.  More details...

Don’t mess with Clearview
Fort Worth, TC. - 1 June 2005
Another newspaper piece on Texas' adoption of the Clearview signage font.  More details...

Sun rises on new brand
ovum - 1 June 2005
Short article on the $50,000,000 Sun rebrand - doesn't mention if the new brand will keep the custom font produced by Luc(as) de Groot a few years back.  More details...

Ascender serves Quark users
Denver, CO - 1 June 2005
Quark and Ascender announce that new features in the forthcoming release of QuarkXPress 7 are based on technology provided by Ascender.  More details...

Berlow’s notebook - 1 June 2005
This Berlow might just be even more famous than her font guru brother-in-law.

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