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Typography news August 1999

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DiamondSoft announces Font Sense
San Francisco, CA - 31 August 1999
DiamondSoft has announced Font Sense.  More details...

DiamondSoft announces Font Reserve server
San Francisco, CA - 31 August 1999
DiamondSoft has announced the FontReserve server product.  More details...

Industry support for Reader
San Francisco, CA. - 31 August 1999
Following yesterday's announcement of Microsoft Reader with ClearType, a press release documenting industry support has been released.  More details...

Jim's site
Oakland, CA. - 31 August 1999
Jim Parkinson, the designer behind Microsoft favorite Showcard Gothic, various logos, font revivals and original type designs has just launched a new Web site.

PDF for eBooks
San Francisco, CA. - 31 August 1999
Today at Seybold, Adobe announced technologies aimed at making their PDF format more appealing to eBook publishers.  More details...

Adobe ships InDesign
San Francisco, CA. - 31 August 1999
Today at Seybold, Adobe announced the immediate release of InDesign. The long awaited DTP package includes some OpenType support.  More details...

JY&A Fonts revamps site
Wellington, Australia - 31 August 1999
JY&A Fonts, Australasia's best-known font design company, has announced a site revamp for 2000. The new site integrates developments over the last three years into a simpler, cleaner format.  More details...

Font-free, free for all?
San Francisco, CA. - 30 August 1999
Seybold's popular 'Font free for all' panel discussion has been renamed the 'Free for all'. Does this mean it will be font-free? We don't think so.  More details...

Microsoft Reader with ClearType
San Francisco, CA. - 30 August 1999
Today at Seybold, Microsoft announced details of the Microsoft Reader with ClearType. The product is due to ship early next year.  More details...

Seybold San Francisco starts today
San Francisco, CA. - 30 August 1999
Seybold San Francisco promises to provide important announcements from Microsoft, Apple and a reprise clash between Adobe and Quark.  More details...

OpenType tool - spec posted
Redmond, WA. - 30 August 1999
The Microsoft Visual OpenType Layout Tool, "VOLT", is a tool for adding OpenType layout tables to fonts.  More details...

Text Cow
Chicago, IL. - 27 August 1999
Two words... Text Cow (new URL).

Women in type
New York, NY. - 27 August 1999
ITC are promoting fonts by women type designers.  More details...

Emigre ship new product
Sacramento, CA. - 26 August 1999
Emigre have released some new books and posters.  More details...

New from the emerald city
Seattle, WA. - 26 August 1999
Seattle's emerald city fontwerks have released four new members of their popular Codex font family, a mediaeval clip art font and several new freebies.

Comicraft compo
SantaMonica, CA. - 26 August 1999
Comicraft have posted details of a competition on their site. The prize - a free font.  More details...

Comicraft release Tim Sale
SantaMonica, CA. - 26 August 1999
Tim Sale is a new font by Comicraft. Tim is also a real life, award winning, comic book artist.  More details...

Pippo's facts of life
Bad Homburg, Germany - 25 August 1999
Linotype have announced the release of Pippo Lionni‚Äôs newest work. 'Facts of life' is a symbol font with accompanying book.  More details...

Linotype redesign site
Germany - 25 August 1999
Linotype have redesigned their Web site.  More details...

ITC release four new fonts
NewYork, NY. - 24 August 1999
ITC have released four new fonts. ITC Deli Deluxe and ITC Deli Supreme by Jim Spiece, ITC Talking Drum by Timothy Donaldson and Kevin Bailey's ITC Liverpool.  More details...

Bitstream TypeHigh
Cambridge, Mass. - 23 August 1999
Bitstream have released TypeHigh, the complete Bitstream library on CD that's, count 'em, 1,400 fonts.  More details...

Linotype gets tough
London, England - 20 August 1999
Fontzone reports that Linotype has acted against two distributors. The results being product withdrawn, stocks destroyed and undisclosed damages paid.  More details...

'Outrageously giddy'
Cambridge, Mass. - 18 August 1999
Bitstream has released a bunch of font packs with a retail price of $39.95. The packs are titled, Holiday and Decorative, Signposts, Sci-Fi, Outrageously Giddy, Invitations with Elegance, Letters, Faxes and Memos.  More details...

Half price fonts in the House
Wilmington, DE. - 17 August 1999
House Industries have a new catalog and are offering fonts at half the normal price.  More details...

Adobe posts ATM and ATR fixes
London, England - 17 August 1999
Fontzone reports that Adobe have posted fixes for Mac versions of Adobe Type Manager and Adobe Type Reunion.  More details...

ATypI release more info
Redhill, Surrey, England - 16 August 1999
The ATypI have released more information about ATypI 99.  More details...

News break
Redmond, WA. - 16 August 1999
The Microsoft Typography news team were on special assignment in Melbourne, Australia between August 16 and August 23. We'll spend the next few days posting recent news links.

Publish and DTP Journal merge
Publish - 13 August 1999
The International Data Group, parent company to Publish has announced that the magazine will merge with the Desktop Publishers Journal published by Desktop Publishing Institute.  More details...

Ratified eBook standard out soon
ZDNet - 13 August 1999
ZDNet reports that the Open eBook consortium is expected to announce the ratification of its Open eBook Publication Structure 1.0 prior to August 20.  More details...

Apostrophe RIP
Silver Spring, MD. - 12 August 1999
Brian Sooy has written a humorous piece on 'The Death of the Apostrophe' for the Phil's Fonts web 'zine, INSITE.  More details...

ATypI refreshes Web site
Reading, England - 12 August 1999
The ATypI Web site has been redesigned and has been stuffed full of info concerning the upcoming ATypI Boston conference.  More details...

Hermann Zapf - my life
Bad Homburg, Germany - 11 August 1999
Linotype have posted Hermann Zapf's life story.  More details...

Fontzone reviews KingInk
London, England - 11 August 1999
According to Fontzone's Clive Bruton, if you're not British you might not appreciate the cartoons posted on Timothy Donaldson's new KingInk site.  More details...

Typo[media] expect 1.5K in Y2K
Mainz, Germany - 11 August 1999
The organizers of Typo[media] expect 1500 people to attend next year's event. The first Typo[media] event in 1997 attracted 450 delegates, with 800 attending the following year.  More details...

Pyrus update Web site
Millersville, MD - 10 August 1999
Pyrus, a distributer of FontLab products, have updated their Web site.  More details...

Emigre 51 details released
Sacramento, CA. - 10 August 1999
Emigre have released content details for Emigre number 51.  More details...

Type for eBooks
Computerworld - 9 August 1999
'I've seen ClearType implemented on a palm-size PC' ... 'and the result is a quantum leap in readability' - Type for e-books by Russell Kay for Computerworld magazine.  More details...

StereoType takes shape
Brattleboro, VT. - 9 August 1999
Gahlord Dewald's StereoType project, first reported here in March, is beginning to take shape.  More details...

New York, NY. - 6 August 1999
This event has been cancelled
Mark Solsburg, President of the Type Directors Club, has announced that the TDC is sponsoring an international typography conference called TYP Y2K. The one-day conference will take place on Saturday, 25 September 1999.  More details...

Latest core fonts posted
Redmond, WA. - 5 August 1999
New versions of Courier New (2.76), Times New Roman (2.76) and Arial (2.76) that support Arabic, Hebrew and Vietnamese scripts have been posted on Microsoft's Core fonts for the Web page.  More details...

Mac FontLab 3.00N ships
Russia - 5 August 1999
The FontLab developers group have announced the release of version 3.00N of FontLab for the Mac.  More details...

Design fellowship at Cooper Union
New York, NY. - 5 August 1999
The Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography at The Cooper Union School of Art are accepting applications for a guest curator fellowship position.  More details...

ATypI release Boston hotel info
Redhill, Surrey, England - 5 August 1999
The ATypI have released information about booking accommodation in Boston for the forthcoming ATypI 99.  More details...

August specials
Various sources - 5 August 1999
Details of foundries special offers for August.  More details...

FreeType under threat - 4 August 1999
There are possible storm clouds on the horizon for FreeType, the free TrueType rasterizer. It's authors have been led to believe that it may infringe certain Apple patents.  More details...

More tough questions for designers
London, England - 4 August 1999
Fontzone has revealed that this years TypoCircle TypoQuiz will take place in London on October 19.  More details...

The Boge and Williams show
Calgary, Alberta - 3 August 1999
Seattle's own Garrett Boge joins forces with Robin Williams to explain why a good font is hard to find in a column for EyeWire.  More details...

Make Mainz a large one
Mainz, Germany - 3 August 1999
Mainz in Germany will host typo[media] next year, at a time when the city celebrates the 600 year anniversary of the birth of Johannes Gutenberg, the accepted father of typography.  More details...

P22 offer new fonts, discounts
Buffalo, NY. - 3 August 1999
P22 have just released some new fonts inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Maxfield Parrish. They are also offering a 20% discount on these fonts through August 31.  More details...

Typo road rules
Calgary, Alberta - 2 August 1999
EyeWire have posted a fun little feature - Type across America - not to be taken too seriously.  More details...

Adobe's band of merry men
San Jose, CA. - 2 August 1999
Following their recent agreement with the people of Nottingham, Adobe continue their Robin Hood obsession with an anti piracy initiative named for the mythical man in green.  More details...

Circle publishes 'Circular 8'
London, England - 2 August 1999
Fontzone reports that London based typo-club 'The Typographic Circle', has published issue eight of its Circular magazine.  More details...

U&lc post 26.1.1 update
New York, NY. - 2 August 1999
U&lc's 26.1.1 update includes Eileen Gunn's latest Web radar column, The Elvis of the Internet, John Hudson's review of The Printed Bengali Character and its Evolution by Fiona Ross, and Peter Hall's article John Maeda at the Art Directors Club.  More details...

NG explores the power of writing
National Geographic - 2 August 1999
Joel L. Swerdlow's article, The Power of Writing explores writing, 'an invention whose impact seems impossible to measure'.  More details...

Post-Industrial Sans Types
Communication Arts - 1 August 1999
Communication Arts have posted Mark Eastman's Post-Industrial Sans Types article on their Web site.

Windows Magazine - 1 August 1999
Readers of Windows Magazine Online have nominated the Microsoft typography site as one of the best on Thanks!  More details...

Adam gets diacritical
Frankfurt, Germany - 1 August 1999
Adam Twardoch has posted a preliminary version of his 'manual' on Polish diacritics.  More details...

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