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Typography news October 2011

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Letter.2 winners announced
18 October 2011
Atypi has announced 53 winning typeface designs from the Letter.2 international type-design competition. 
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LETTRES TYPE exhibition
France - 18 October 2011
The exhibition LETTRES TYPE reports on the vitality and diversity of a new French-speaking type scene, by documenting 40 projects from 40 designers, in 3 different ways.
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Atypi announces 2012 venue
Hong Kong - 13 October 2011
ATypI's 2012 conference will be held in Hong Kong. Final dates have not been settled and will be announced as soon as possible.  More details...

Venue announced for Typecon 2012
Milwaukee, WI - 13 October 2011
The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) is pleased to announce that Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will be the host city for TypeCon2012.  More details...

Additional film screenings in the NW
Pacific NW - 13 October 2011
Rich Kegler's documentary, Making Faces, will be also be showing in Vancouver, Victoria and Portland.  More details...

Film screening in Seattle
Seattle, WA - 11 October 2011
Rich Kegler's documentary, Making Faces, will be shown in Seattle on October 27th.  More details...

New releases from ARS Type
The Netherlands - 6 October 2011
ARS Type proudly announces their first official Webfont release — ARS Maquette Web — and a new set of advanced tools to better test their fonts online.  More details...

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