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A 'new' online font store?

MacCentral - 3 April 2001

Perhaps MacCentral's finger isn't quite on the pulse of typography news. An article posted today claims 'Bitstream Inc. today announced the launch of a new e-store for users interested in finding, trying and buying fonts online. The new site is called'

MacCentral's Peter Cohen can't shoulder all the blame. Although a Bitstream press release issued today mentions that MyFonts was set up in January 1999, it also includes the following quote...

Bitstream Inc. BITS announced today the launch of a new online store for finding, trying, and buying fonts online., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bitstream, has provided the back-end programming necessary for graphic design professionals and casual users alike to try and buy fonts went live during the ATypI 1999 Boston conference, but Bitstream chose to officially announce its release in February 2000. E-commerce functionality was added the following month.

7.00pm PST - Update's Laurence Penney provided the following explanation...

The MacCentral guys misunderstood the Bitstream press release (though it could have been more clearly phrased). What in fact is happening is that is now supplying our font database services to foundries, starting with - surprise, surprise - Bitstream. This gives Bitstream their own branded site - at - while takes care of the database, user accounts, delivering fonts, and some of the customer support. We plan to offer this service to more foundries in the future.

Thanks Laurence, this sounds like a great service.

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article posted 3 April 2001 and last updated 3 April 2001.

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