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Arabic OpenType spec posted

Redmond, WA. - 9 April 2001

Our Creating and supporting OpenType fonts for Arabic scripts specification has been published. The specification helps type designers and engineers create and build OpenType enabled Arabic fonts. Draft versions of the spec have been available to Microsoft VOLT users and select type designers working on Arabic fonts for some time, resulting in the production of several OpenType Arabic fonts.

This document presents information that will assist font developers in creating fonts for all Arabic scripts covered by Unicode 3.0. Font developers will learn how to encode complex script features in their fonts, choose character sets, organize font information, and use existing tools to produce Arabic fonts. Registered features of Arabic scripts are defined and illustrated, encodings are listed, and templates are included for compiling Arabic layout tables for OpenType fonts.

This document also presents information about the Arabic Open Type shaping engine of Uniscribe, an operating system component responsible for text layout.

In addition to being a primer and specification for the creation and support of Arabic fonts, this document is intended to more broadly illustrate the OpenType Layout architecture, feature schemes, and operating system support for shaping and positioning text.

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article posted 9 April 2001 and last updated 9 April 2001.

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