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A|MT eBook font licensing

Wilmington, MA. - 10 April 2001

Agfa Monotype, today announced a range of font licensing options for embedding its fonts into e-books.

Agfa Monotype Announces Font Licensing for E-book Publishers

April 10, 2001 (Wilmington, MA.) - Agfa Monotype, a leading provider of fonts and font technologies, today announced a range of affordable font licensing options for embedding its fonts into e-books. In addition, Agfa Monotype announced the appointment of Amy Hensiek to head up their E-media font licensing department.

The new e-book font licenses will give designers and publishers simple solutions to the dilemma of ensuring that readers see the e-book in the font that was originally specified. Font embedding is a standard feature of Adobe® Acrobat® and a variety of Microsoft® Office applications, but restrictions by font vendors limit the distribution of documents with embedded fonts.

Agfa Monotype has introduced an E-Book Font License that is very affordable and easy to manage. Publishers interested in embedding fonts from Agfa Monotype's world-renowned font library in their e-books have three customized licensing options to choose from: Per-Unit royalty, Per-Title royalty and an Annual License.

A main concern of e-book designers is having the ability to match the print version and create a stylistic and highly legible on-screen reading experience. Font embedding technology provides e-book designers and publishers with the ability to include the actual font data for redistribution in the document file. This gives the designer the ability to control the content's presentation; perhaps the most important aspect toward a positive user experience and the ultimate success of the e-book's message. Alternatively , if the e-book does not embed fonts, the reader's computer will likely default to a system font, possibly causing the text to re-flow and offsetting readability and the overall user experience.

"Book designers and publishers have relied on our fonts since Monotype was formed over 100 years ago, and we're pleased to continue that relationship as publishing and communication technologies evolve," said Amy Hensiek, E-Media Font Licensing Specialist. "Electronic publications can take many different forms, and for e-books in particular, fonts are one of the most important ingredients in delivering a useful and sought-after product." Ms. Hensiek was formerly Director of Sales for International Typeface Corporation, an Agfa Monotype company, as well as Marketing Manager at Bitstream. She will be acting as Agfa Monotype's liaison with the E-media industry, concentrating on the emerging E-book publishing market.

Agfa Monotype's font library is the paramount resource for designers and publishers. It includes over 3200 fonts in both TrueType® and PostScript® format for use on Macintosh® or Windows® systems. Agfa Monotype's three type libraries, Creative Alliance Exclusives, Monotype Classics and the ITC library are long-time staples in the advertising and publishing industries. They include such well-known and popular typefaces as Arial®, Gill Sans® and Times New Roman®.

For more information and pricing about font licensing for e-books, please contact Agfa Monotype at 800-424-8973. General information can be found on the company's web site at

Contact: Amy Hensiek,
Agfa Monotype Corporation, 200 Ballardvale Street
Wilmington, MA 01887-1069

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article posted 10 April 2001 and last updated 10 April 2001.

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