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Emigre the cut-price foundry?

Sacramento, CA. - 12 April 2001

Emigre are offering their fonts for less than a dollar a piece. The boutique foundry's latest e-mail newsletter reveals that the company is slashing the price of their entire library package to $1500. However there are strings attached.

  1. The deal is only available to 'to customers who have requested to be placed on the Emigre mailing list and who have shown interest in our company by subscribing to Emigre magazine or by purchasing our products.'
  2. Only 100 copies offered at this price.
  3. The offer is only valid through May 10, 2001.

According to Emigre those who qualify will save $3867 on a five workstation license. The library package includes 286 fonts, which means each installed font costs less than $1.05. For those taking advantage of the $2250 ten workstation license the cost per installed font drops to 79 cents.

Update - 13 April 2001 and have posted short pieces regarding Emigre's library price slash. Both articles link to this page on the Emigre site. Although the small print restricts the offer to Emigre customers, magazine and list subscribers it probably wouldn't hurt to give them a call if you're interested in the offer but don't meet the criteria.

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article posted 12 April 2001 and last updated 13 April 2001.

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