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A|MT make TV inroads

Wilmingon, MA. - 13 April 2001

Monotype has announced a deal in which their iType technology has been licensed to a leading interactive television service provider. Providing font systems to set-top-box makers has traditionaly been a market-segment dominated by Bitstream's TrueDoc, T2K and FontFusion product range.

Agfa Monotype Corporation today announced that PowerTV, Inc., a leading developer of software for the digital interactive set-top environment, has licensed iType, Agfa Monotype's newest font scaling technology. The agreement allows for the integration of iType into the PowerTV Operating System®.

"iType is a natural fit for PowerTV," said Doug Shaw, senior vice president of Agfa Monotype's OEM business unit. "The idea behind iType is simple--to provide a superior font scaling solution that's both small and fast. Speed and size, along with high quality font display and support for the standard TrueType® font format, were the most important factors we considered when developing iType. It also happens to include the fastest TrueType rasterizer available."

"Now deployed in over seven million homes, the market for interactive applications that build on the PowerTV Operating System is quite strong. Working with Agfa Monotype to integrate its font scaling solution is another way the PowerTV software platform is helping application developers create high quality, high performance user interfaces and printed output," said Bob Gager, senior product manager for the PowerTV Operating System.

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article posted 13 April 2001 and last updated 13 April 2001.

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