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Bill Gates CHI address

Seattle, WA. - 18 April 2001

Bill Gates spoke at the recent CHI 2001 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Amongst other things his talk addressed issues relating to type on the screen.

Now, one of the goals, the high-reach goals that we've had is the idea of working with information on a purely digital basis, the idea that then it would be accessible, the history of what you've worked with, you could go back and search it, you could share it with other people. And one of the things that's certainly been a barrier to this is the fact that the screen itself has not been attractive for reading long documents. All of us here can think about the process we go through when we get a very long piece of email sent to us. What is the threshold at which you decide to print it out instead of reading it off the screen. And it's almost a kind of subconscious process, you don't understand why is it so much more comfortable to read it off a paper.

See the transcript for more.

article posted 18 April 2001 and last updated 18 April 2001.

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