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Creeping towards Serif 7

Chicago, IL. - 18 April 2001

Last week Don Hosek blamed a misplaced Photoshop CD for delays in the publication of Serif magazine issue 7. Today he reports ordering an upgrade. Let's hope the Adobe upgrade fulfilment center promptly provides the update.

18 April 2001
I'm getting closer on a whole bunch of stuff, including Serif 7. I've gone ahead and ordered a PhotoShop upgrade since it'll take longer to find the CD than for it to show up (not to mention that I've fallen 2 versions behind current).

Details surrounding the 'bunch of stuff' mentioned remain cloaked in a veil of secrecy. However, we're certain that once details are revealed everyone will agree that they were worth the wait.

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article posted 18 April 2001 and last updated 18 April 2001.

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