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New browser, new fonts

Cambridge, Mass. - 6 June 2001

Bitstream has announced ThunderHawk a micro Web browser for mobile devices which includes a new font set named for Bitstream employee and 'TrueType inventor' Sampo Kaasila.

For device mock-ups showing the new font see this page.

The font angle

The browser includes color LCD rendering technology and a set of propriatary fonts. Details of the fonts format or the device's support for Bitstreams dynamic font technology TrueDoc are not mentioned in the press release.

ThunderHawk comes from Bitstream, a world-renowned developer of font technology and high-quality digital fonts. By leveraging its expertise in font technology, Bitstream can display full Web pages on small color LCD screens (320 x 240) while maintaining full legibility. In addition, Bitstream has also designed a Wireless Font Set(TM), using the "Kaasila(TM)" font family, for ThunderHawk. This set of fonts, designed specifically for wireless devices, is named after Thunderhawk's chief software architect, Sampo Kaasila, who also invented TrueType while working at Apple.


Details of pricing and availability for the product, currently in 'technology preview', were not included in the press release.

article posted 6 June 2001 and last updated 6 June 2001.

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