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Chalet bails on TypeCon

Rochester, NY. - 26 June 2001

The TypeCon organizers have announced that principal speaker René Chalet has been replaced by Ed Benguiat. "In the past, Benguiat and Chalet have been known to deny each other's existence."

TypeCon 2001 announced today that Ed Benguiat will replace René Chalet as the principal speaker of the event.

Sources close to Chalet revealed that the eccentric designer developed a severe case of agoraphobia, potentially brought about by an attack of over-eage, first-year graphic design students during a recent design conference in San Francisco, and cannot possibly appear before a large crowd. However, sources indicate that Chalet is actually in an unresponsive viagra-induced coma. Specialists in the field note that this condition is generally non-fatal, and, while he should suffer no long-term negative effects, it is unlikely that Chalet will be fully functioning before the first of August.

Upon hearing the news, Benguiat graciously offered to step in, telling SOTA staffers that he "just happened to have a presentation prepared for such an event." In the past, Benguiat and Chalet have been known to deny each other's existence, but this untimely incident smacks of a larger conspiracy. Those interested in the outcome of this scandalous affair should contact SOTA during TypeCon 2001 for further updates.

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article posted 26 June 2001 and last updated 26 June 2001.

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