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You'd Blitter visit Zeep Types

London, UK. - 1 October 2001

David Earls dropped us a line to tell us about Blitter, the first release from the Zeep Type Foundry.

Press Release

1st October 2001, London, UK
Zeep Type Foundry releases first font, Blitter.

The Zeep Type Foundry (ZTF) has released its first typeface - Blitter is a bitmap-style font is designed to emulate the feel from the very first printer its designer, David Earls, encountered connected to a computer. A 9-pin dot matrix printer, it was unusual in that it had square pins instead of round ones.

Blitter is a unicase font built using a rigid grid before each individual glyph had a number of vertical and horizontal alignment errors introduced by hand. The alternative characters provided have a different set of errors applied to them, giving variety on double letter pairings. These deliberate imperfections result in a more natural, realistic emulation of old fashioned dot matrix printers on modern high resolution accurate output devices.

A Mac TrueType version is available for free download at the ZTF website,

David Earls.

article posted 4 October 2001 and last updated 4 October 2001.

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