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'Connected Touch Pad' discontinued

c|net - 24 October 2001

c|net reports that the AOL/Gateway internet appliance, which utilized Agfa Monotype's new media core fonts has been discontinued.


Last year Agfa Monotype provided us with preview copies of two of their new core fonts, the sans-serif Albany and the serif face Thorndale. Along with Cumberland, a monospaced font, the three faces comprise Agfa Monotype's latest set of high-quality TrueType screen fonts. The set provides precise metric correspondence to the Microsoft core fonts Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier, respectively.


Though the metrics of the two font sets are identical, Albany and Thorndale differ noticeably in design from their counterparts. Albany's forms are more open than Arial's, with more generous apertures and counters; also, punctuation is not square, as in Arial, but round.


Thorndale's contrast is slightly reduced in comparison with Times New Roman and its serifs are a bit more substantial. There are also some divergences in the design of certain characters: namely b, R and many of the figures. Thorndale Italic also shows significant structural differences from Times New Roman Italic. The letters' cursive aspects are more prominent - specifically the rounded, drooping head serifs of characters like I, j, m, n, and p (in contrast to Times New Roman Italic's sharp, nearly horizontal features in the same letters).


In May 2000, Monotype announced a licensing deal with Corel to ship the fonts with the Canadian company's Wordperfect Office 2000 for Linux and Corel Linux OS products. No other licensees for the font set have been reported.

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article posted 24 October 2001 and last updated 24 October 2001.

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