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May the font be with you, again - 27 January 2005

Every font fan knows that the recent Star Wars movies use Franklin Gothic for subtitles, but now a posting to reveals that George Lucas himself is a stickler for good line-breaks.

For Episodes I, II and III the movie series opening trademark crawling text was created by effects guru John Knoll on his home computer using Adobe Illustrator. He then gets line-break approval from George Lucas himself, "…he really cares about the typography" claims Mr Knoll.

As for the typography in the original movie – the article also claims that the original crawling text was set in News Gothic with Univers Light Ultra Condensed used for the title.


A correspondent reports that indeed typography is a top priority for the Star Wars crew as a corrected apostrophe can be seen in the re-issue of episode IV. has posted the crawling text for all six movies. It looks as if apostrophes were avoided in subsequent movies but all the texts include the series trademarked four dot elipsis '….'

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article posted 27 January 2005 and last updated 1 March 2005.

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