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The Typographer's Dream

SF, CA. - 28 January 2005

San Francisco's Encore Theatre Company is putting on a production of Adam Bock’s The Typographer's Dream, described as "a smart new comedy in which a typographer, a geographer, and a stenographer obsess over their professions, their identities, and Canada over dinner and several bottles of wine".

Playwright Adam Bock talks about the inspiration behind the play in an interview posted on the sites.

I started The Typographer's Dream by wanting to write about a typographer. My job at the time was as an assistant to the principals of a design firm called MetaDesign - they did the most amazing graphic and web design, and while I worked there I fell in love with typography - which is the designing of text, the letters themselves and how they are placed on the page.

Link spotted at Typophile - Cheshire Dave is organizing a typophile group trip.

article posted 28 January 2005 and last updated 28 January 2005.

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