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January font news in the book

The Web - 31 January 2005

2005 has gotten off to a blistering pace when it comes to font news, with over eighty news-worthy stories being reported here since January 3. Check our January archive for links to any you might have missed. Some highlights are listed below.

There’s no business like show business…

San Francisco, not LA, it seems is the hub of typographic film industry, however this month we learn that movie giant George Lucas is a typography aficionado, even if some tinsel-town residents feel that the picture should get star billing over fonts.

Fonts have always been important to the music biz, where an unfortunate choice of album cover typography can sink a band’s chances of making it big. A British band avoids the dilemma by naming themselves after a font.

Two fonts you don’t see much off on trendy CD boxes are Comic Sans and Arial, but that could all change as these fonts have entered the realm of the typographic elite, being used by the Type Directors Club and The Oxford University Press respectively. Another popular Microsoft font, Trebuchet still has a way to go, but is currently living large in the shopping centers of Canada.

…snow business, I know!

As an icy chill grips some regions, Minneapolis own Chank Diesel ties his font sale prices to falling temperatures and issues a new free font.

Other new font releases appeared this month from P22, Feliciano, Device (via Veer), Font Diner, Astype , FontFonts, Veer again and Lanston.

Myfonts announced it had sold its millionth font, and the font community rallied around to raise money for Tsunami victims in various ways, from donating sales, setting up the Fontaid foundry, and putting together a special font.

…everything about it is appealing

So what will the celebrities of type be doing during February? Some will gather in New York to plan TypeCon 2005, many will head to London for TypoTechnica and a few lucky souls will attend the The Typographer's Dream.

article posted 31 January 2005 and last updated 31 January 2005.

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