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Compatil meets Mövenpick

London, England - 31 January 2005

Linotype announces that their Compatil type system "now serves as a central design element for communicating the new brand values of the multinational corporation Mövenpick".

Linotype Press Release - Compatil meets Mövenpick

The Linotype Compatil type system – a core element in the revitalized Mövenpick brand

Bad Homburg, January 31, 2005. The type system Compatil from Linotype Library now serves as a central design element for communicating the new brand values of the multinational corporation Mövenpick. “Offering enjoyment – indulging in special treats – nurturing the genuine,” these are the brand values which Mövenpick’s new image aims to express. Carolin Versteeg, Head of Brand Consulting at the responsible communication agency “külling partner identity” in Zurich, comments on her company’s strategy: “The brand should appear elegant but not luxurious; classic, straightforward, sensuous and international, with Swiss style. The myriad possibilities offered by the Compatil font family are very convincing, especially for a complex Corporate Design program.” As a result, the various emotional accents of the font styles Fact, Text and Exquisit can all be implemented as integrated components in the new Corporate Design. Although the Mövenpick brand has a clear and unified parent company strategy, specific brand worlds had to be established which fulfilled the needs of each corporate division – in essence, four operatively independent entities (Hotels & Resorts, Service Gastronomy, Travel Gastronomy and Wine). The differences between the divisions can best be noticed in the choice of color climate and typography. Consequently, two strategic goals could be attained: revitalizing the parent company brand as a whole as well as defining communication measures tailored to the specific target groups of each division. Florence Mayor, Head of Corporate Communications for the Mövenpick Group explains it like this: “As a new CI standard, the Compatil type system is convincing not only because of its high quality design but also because of its impressive systems concept – which corresponds well with our corporate structure, integrating various divisions within one parent company.” After the successful restart of the brand’s image in 2003, the rebranding will subsequently continue in all corporate divisions of the Mövenpick Group to be completed by the end of 2005.

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article posted 31 January 2005 and last updated 31 January 2005.

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