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Franklin's Caslon

Buffalo, NY. - 8 March 2006

P22 announces two new titles: Franklin's Caslon and Dada Special Edition.

For Immediate Release:
March 1st, 2006 - Buffalo, NY

P22 announces two new titles: Franklin's Caslon and Dada Special Edition.

The "Franklin's Caslon" set was developed for the Philadelphia Museum of Art to coincide with the Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary celebrations. The set is digitized from the actual printed pieces produced by Ben Franklin's printing enterprises. Unlike the "Caslon Antique" font that has seen wide use over the last decade, this one really is a Caslon design and a perfect decorative companion to the Lanston Caslon font set. Available as a packaged CD or as a download: http://www.p22.com/products/franklin.html

Also new is the Dada Opentype package, made to coincide with the major Dada exhibition at the National Gallery in Washington DC. It is an expanded version of the P22 Dada font. The Special Edition font includes 2 fonts in Post Script and TrueType formats and one Opentype font that features over 500 glyphs with special features create some unexpected design results. This set is available for download and on CDROM in a special edition package that we had some fun in designing: http://www.p22.com/products/dada_se.html.

article posted 8 March 2006 and last updated 8 March 2006.

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