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Designing Type

Seattle, WA. - 20 March 2006

Yesterday afternoon the typography news team were lucky enough to leaf through a copy of Designing Type and chat with its author Seattle's own Karen Cheng.

The book, due out April 3rd, seems unique in its approach to teaching the principals of letter construction. We're sure it will be embraced by beginner and intermediate type designers as well as graphic designers dabbling in type design and font customization. The blurb...

The book is illustrated with numerous diagrams that demonstrate visual principles and letter construction, ranging from informal progress sketches to final type designs and diagrams. A wide range of classic and modern typefaces is analyzed, including those from many premier contemporary type foundaries. Introductory essays and diagrams emphasize the history of type, the primary systems of typeface classification, the two main proportional systems for type, the parts of a letter, the effects of new technology on design methodology, the optical illusions that affect density and balance in letterforms, and the differences in form between basic serif typestyles. The book provides detailed guidelines for creating serif and sans serif letters, numbers, punctuation, and accents.

The book is also available in a lavish hardback German edition and several other translations are in the works.

article posted 20 March 2006 and last updated 20 March 2006.

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