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Font Diner 10 - 29 March 2006

This year marks Font Diner's 10th year in business. Congratulations from everyone on the typography team here at Microsoft.

Howdy Friends!

We've been busier than a Junebug getting ready for Springtime and not a moment too soon! This year marks our 10th year in business and we want to bid you a warm Thank You from the bottom of our linoleum!

To kick off this milestone, we're delighted to bring you our newest FREE Silverware font Marker Monkey compliments of Brain Eater Brad Nelson!

More you say? Well how about a swell new Font Diner Tee Shirt for only $8 bucks! If you've been drooling for one of these babies for a while now, there's no better time to get 'em at this price just in time for Summer!

How about some new fonts? Alright then . . . Check out our newest font releases as part of the Snappy Hour Invitation Kit which features over 220 vector images that can be combined with four great retro fonts and one humdinger of a dingbat font to create invitations for all occasions!

All this and some new Homemade Specialties to feast your eyes on!

Check it out at:

Warmly (and getting warmer)
Stuart :D

article posted 29 March 2006 and last updated 29 March 2006.

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