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Web - 31 January 2012
5th International Type Design Competition for non-Latin typefaces
Type beautifies language. The codification of sounds, syllables and words, each captured in signs, is a thrilling expression of cultural diversity. Frequently, the script system represents an integral part of the user’s cultural identity – an unconscious, unchallenged link to their heritage. We are interested in exploring these notions of ‘difference’ and diversity. International type design competitions, of which there are few, often are oriented towards the West and usually focus on Latin script. By holding this fifth international type design competition, GRANSHAN 2012, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia and the Typographic Society Munich (tgm - Typographische Gesellschaft Munchen) intend to enhance the importance of other script systems, beginning with Armenian, Cyrillic and Greek. This year we have included Indic and Arabic text typeface categories in the competition. Granshan competition was initiated by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia in 2008. Since 2010 under the organising committee direction, Granshan competitions have been held during ATypI conferences and have received popularity all over the world. The awarded works of Granshan competitions have been displayed at the exhibitions in different countries: Lincoln, London, Hampshire (UK), St.Petersburg, Moscow, Cheboksary, Rostov (Russia), Munich (Germany), Alexandria (Egypt), Yerevan, Oshakan (Armenia). As in 2012 Armenia celebrates the 500th anniversary of the first printed Armenian book, the organising committee of Granshan 2012 have decided to held the competition during the conference, which will take place in Yerevan (Armenia) on 14-16 of June 2012. The organising committe of Granshan 2012, taking into consideration that 2012 is an anniversary year for Armenia, have decided to include a Latin text-typeface category in the Granshan competition, only for this year; all the fonts created for the last 10 years are allowed to be submitted to the competition. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia and the Typographic Society Munich (tgm - Typographische Gesellschaft Munchen) call for entries. Co-heads of the organising committee of GRANSHAN 2012 are Edik Ghabuzyan & Boris Kochan.

article posted 31 January 2012 and last updated 31 January 2012.

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