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Monster March!

Various sources - 1 April 1999
March was yet another monster month for type related news. Anyone living under the illusion that the world of type is stale and boring received a rude awakening with over fifty news items reported on these pages during March.

Box shot - InDesign - source

The biggest typographic event of the month was also one of the first. Adobe's announcement of InDesign at Seybold Boston dominated this month in the world of type.

ATypI Boston dates announced

ATypI announced the dates for their 1999 conference. The event will be held from Thursday 7 October to Sunday 10 October 1999 at the Bayside Expo & Conference Center in Boston. Boston locals stepped up with inside info for those planning to attend.

Type tools released

Microsoft released two type tools this month. Visual TrueType version 4.2 is a professional level tool for instructing (hinting) TrueType and OpenType fonts. Microsoft also posted an update to the popular Font properties extension. Towards the end of the month FontLab announced a Mac version of their popular type editor. In other type technology related news Adobe released a new edition of The Red Book, their PostScript technical reference and Apple font boss, Peter Lofting announced TypeWriter a font development initiative.

New U&lc hits the streets

The new issue has a distinct German and Russian flavor. Steven Heller writes about 'Das Plakat' a German poster-design magazine published in the second decade of this century. Continuing the German theme, Patrick Baglee's reviews Chris Burke's book about Paul Renner.

U&lc 25:4 On the Russian front, Maxim Zhukov writes about his experiences judging Kyillitsa '99, the recent Cyrillic type-design competition. Typo-L contributor Dick Weltz told fellow list members 'If you can get a copy of this just-published issue, it is definitely made a "must-see" by Maxim's contribution.'

Other features include Margaret Richardson's article on Anstey Healy Design, based in Portland, Oregon and an Olav Martin Kvern column on kerning.

Changes at the old school

The Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at The University of Reading announced a new MA course in type design. According to Reading's Gerry Leonidas 'The Dept has been changing in many ways in the last couple of years, and the new MA is just one sign of these shifts in direction.' Reading also published Typography papers 3.

Monotype reinvents core fonts

Monotype announced a set of 'core fonts' - Albany, Thorndale and Cumberland, metrically matched to Times New Roman, Arial and Courier New. These fonts are targeted towards companies producing new media products and operating systems that require a set of core fonts.

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article posted 1 April 1999 and last updated 1 April 1999.

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