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Justin's revival

New York, NY. - 26 April 1999
Justin Howes designed ITC Founder's Caslon by digitizing William Caslon's original typefaces, size by size, from Caslon's 18th-century type specimens. On May 5 he will speak at the Grolier Club about the development of this authentic historical revival. The talk, sponsored by the New York chapter of the American Printing History Association and by ITC, is free and open to the public.

Justin Howes, typographer and aspirant printer, co-edited the 1986 edition of Edward Johnston's 'Lessons in Formal Writing' and is completing two further works on Johnston. He is Chairman of the European Friends of the St Bride Printing Library, and Registrar of the Type Museum, London, where he was responsible for acquisition of the Stephenson Blake archive and type-founding materials.

U&lc The January issue of U&lc Online featured an article (originally published in the Winter issue of U&lc) about Caslon's types and ITC Founder's Caslon.

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article posted 26 April 1999 and last updated 26 April 1999.

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