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BoyBeaver Fonts

BoyBeaver Fonts
400 Central Park West, Suite 11J New York, NY 10025, USA
Tel: 212 866 5288
Fax: 212 932 2176

Create & Communicate with BoyBeaver Fonts. We are designers creating type to meet your most exacting typographic needs.

Featuring the first publication ever of the complete collection of font designs by the eminent 19th century typographer A.A. Turbayne. Our collection is solidly founded on typographic excellence.

We wont sacrifice design criteria for programming expediency. Our letterspacing is optimized for the design. Our kerning adds that extra little bit needed by any font to fully display its beauty. Does it mean you have to be a professional to use these fonts? Not at all. It means that you get the benefit of the best tools designed and programmed to help you achieve the highest typographic results. Our Windows fonts are created on a PC, Macintosh fonts on a Mac. We rigorously test them on both platforms

Whether your preference is for Type 1 or TryueType format, BoyBeaver fonts will work for you. Flawlessly!

About the vendor

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   Symbol and dingbat fonts
   Custom design
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This information was last updated 3 August 2001.

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