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VT2000 Technical Services
1299 Buck Hollow Rd., Fairfax, VT 05454
Tel: +1 (802) 309-3344

VT2000 Technical Services has been designing for the web since 1995. I’m the designer and owner, and am a graphic designer and typographer with almost 40 years of experience in academic book design, print design. As a designer I’ve specialized in typography. I also currently teach beginning and advanced graphic design at the Community College of Vermont. Before selling everything in the early years of the 21^st Century for financial reasons, I was the proprietor of Fairfax Press, a 19^th century print shop dedicated to the preservation of lead type faces and the craft of hand-printing. All that now remains of that is the web site: Fairfax Press . A lifelong passion for the alphabet and all things to do with lettering, printing, and typefaces has finally led to learning the craft of type design. The face currently in use by VT2000, but still being worked on, began with a dissatisfaction with “hand-written” fonts. The beautiful ones, like Tekton Pro were too elegant for many uses. At the other end of the spectrum were the impossibly eccentric and, for the most part, unreadable ones. I wanted a font that was more crude and irregular, yet very readable in text sizes.(If you notice that I’ve not named the face, it’s because I’ve not yet been able to get the money together to trademark the name, which is a very good one. I hope to do that within the next few months.)

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This information was last updated 11 November 2010.

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