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4475 D Street, Sacramento, California 95819 USA
Tel: 916 451 4344
Fax: 916 451 4351

Emigre, Inc. is a digital type foundry, publisher and distributor of graphic design related software and printed materials based in Northern California. Founded in 1984, coinciding with the birth of the Macintosh, Emigre was one of the first independent type foundries to establish itself around personal computer technology. Emigre holds exclusive license to over 250 original typeface designs created by a roster of contemporary designers. Emigre's full line of typefaces, ornaments and illustrations is available in Type 1 PostScript and TrueType for both the Macintosh and PC. Emigre's designs have won numerous awards, including the prestigious Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design and the AIGA Gold Medal Award.

Whether you're in New York, Ukiah, Hong Kong, or wherever, if you have Internet access and a credit card, you can now order and receive Emigre Fonts electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Visit Emigre's online catalog at to preview or order Emigre products.

About the vendor

   International fonts  
   Symbol and dingbat fonts
   Custom design  
Macintosh tools or applications  
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This information was last updated 22 March 1999.

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