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ISE-Aditi Info. Pvt . Ltd.
Abv. Eye Hospital, Goshala Ward, Gondia, MS - 441601, India
Tel: 91-9325245289

It is a small but dedicated digital type-foundry. It provides Indian language software and fonts (specially DevaNagari Script) since 1996. Despite having sound software, ISE was unable to make a mark on the market due to various reasons like lack of standardization and proliferation of proprietary encodings. Lately people have started recognizing ISE-AI. Its Open-type font - 'Akhil HE' is a professionally created font that renders well on low resolution devices. It has developed a keyboard layout - 'TransLit' which combines efficiency of 'InScript' with the ease of 'phonetic'. The next version of its software - Lekhni will be released in 2006. At present it sells Unicode conformant OpenType fonts and a package called Sugam.

About the vendor

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   Symbol and dingbat fonts  
   Custom design  
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This information was last updated 25 January 2011.

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