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Poppenb├╝tteler Bogen 29A, D-22399 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +49 40 60 60 50
Fax: +49 40 60 60 51 11

URW++ develops and produces fonts and logos and supplies them to resellers (OEM companies) and end users. URW++ fonts are included with the products of a large number of well-known companies around the world. Moreover, many endusers take advantage of our comprehensive font offering. Besides our own library, we supply fonts from numerous other vendors, for instance Adobe, Agfa, Emigre, FontBureau, Linotype Library, Agfa Monotype.

In addition to our PostScript, TrueType and OpenType font program, we offer important services such as:

  • Design and production of new typefaces
  • Digitization of fonts and logos based on customer artwork
  • Special character layouts and formats
    - Multimedia fonts
  • Production of personal scripts
  • Corporate type design and production


IKARUS has evolved into a comprehensive, seasoned software system for the professional design and production of digital fonts, and it will continue to be second to none also in the future. IKARUS is used by all well-known typesetter and printer manufacturers in the US, in Japan as well as in the Western and Eastern Europe. We will develop and license new variants of IKARUS, especially to meet the requirements of Asian markets as well as the prodcution demands of high-quality TrueType fonts for best possible screen representation.

About the vendor

   International fonts
   Symbol and dingbat fonts
   Custom design
Macintosh tools or applications
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This information was last updated 28 October 2004.

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