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Webmakers India

Webmakers India
23 B Rashbehari Avenue, Calcutta, India 700029
Tel: +0091 33 4668352

Webmakers is a graphics design studio specialising in web-site design, animation and fonts. Webmakers has till now designed and hosted 20 web sites and designed about 30 fonts in Indian languages. Of which maximum are in Bengali language.

The language of the people of state of West Bengal/India and Bangladesh. Our fonts have speciality of containg all possible conjunct characters in transparent quality. The fonts are screen and web friendly. They don't get smudged even on a low resolution screen, and characters display well in all possible browsers.

We have developed complete Windows-Macintosh compatible Bengali fonts, without compromising on character sets. A big newspaper house, several publications, and educational institutions use our fonts.

Our other speciality is of developing custom keyboard drivesr for Windows and macintosh, thus giving leverage to typing in virtuallly all known keyboarad layouts in Bangla. We can even design a custom font and keyboard layout for institutions.

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This information was last updated 12 August 2002.

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