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These tools were designed for use at Microsoft, and are unsupported externally. Microsoft makes no claims and holds no liability regarding the external use of these tools. These tools are copyrighted. Redistribution is restricted.


TTFDump is a console (command line) tool that dumps the contents of TrueType font files. TTFDump parses and labels the contents of the tables and subtables in a font, making the data more readable. Using TTFDump, you can dump specific tables and data for specific glyphs. TTFDUMP exists in both 16 and 32 bit versions.

TrueType Open Assembler

Two DOS utilities, TrueType Open Assembler (TTOAsm) and TrueType Open Disassembler (TTODasm), work together to aid in the creation, modification, and verification of TrueType Open (TTO) tables. TTOAsm accepts TrueType Open table data in text format and then assembles that data into a binary TrueType Open table file. A separate utility, AddTable, can be used to add the binary output file to a TrueType file.


A 32-bit Windows tool used to test TrueType fonts. The tool validates hinting instructions in TrueType fonts, checking flags and arguments for a set of glyphs over a set of sizes.


SBIT32 is a 32-bit console tool that embeds bitmap data into existing TrueType font files. These embedded bitmaps are also called 'sbits' (for 'scaler bitmaps'). To use SBIT32, you first need to create a file which contains the bitmap information (.BDF), and a file containing metrics and format information (.MET). SBIT32 reads these input files and inserts tables containing bitmap information into the TrueType file. SBIT32 can also be used to delete all embedded bitmaps of a specified ppem size, generate .BDF files from fonts with sbit data, or add information enabling bitmaps to be shared between sizes. Vincent Connare has contributed a brief guide to Making TrueType bitmap fonts.


The NT Console/Windows 95 DOS application CacheTT is a utility to enable the modification of TrueType and TrueType Open files. Modifications include creation/modification of one or more of the tables VDMX, hdmx and LTSH by calculating and caching values obtained from the Rasterizer. The resulting font is a complete and correct font.


This program reorders a TrueType file for faster execution. It does this by placing all of the small, frequently used tables at the beginning of the font file, allowing the font to be loaded with fewer page faults.


Addtable.exe is a command-line utility for appending binary table files to an existing TrueType font. For example, the utility can be used to add the TrueType Open tables generated by the TTO Assembler.

Downloading the tools

  • package - Microsoft typography font tools set
    updated - 25 February 2003
    download link - fonttools.exe - save the file to your hard disk
    file details - fonttools.exe - 773KB self extracting archive file

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Microsoft Typography | Developer information | Tools