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5.4.3 'text-decoration' comment

Using text-decoration to switch off the underlining of links

Text-decoration can be used for things other than turning off the underlining of links, but this seems to be its most useful application. However, its use in this way is controversial. Although there is nothing in the HTML specifications to say that links must be underlined, this default along with blue and purple link colors were adopted by the people who developed the first graphical browsers.

Like it or not the underlining of links has become an interface standard, and one that should only be overridden with extreme care. Current browsers let the reader control link underlining. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for designers to choose subtle link colors that make it difficult to tell the difference between links and ordinary text when underlining is switched off, especially on a monochrome monitor.

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Microsoft Typography | Web... | Specifying... | 5.4.3 'text-decoration' | comment next