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5.4.5 'text-transform'

Value: capitalize | uppercase | lowercase | none
Initial: none
Applies to: all elements
Inherited: yes
Percentage values: N/A
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 3.0 support: no.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 support: ?

uppercases the first character of each word

uppercases all letters of the element

lowercases all letters of the element

neutralizes inherited value.

The actual transformation in each case is human language dependent. See [4] for ways to find the language of an element.

H1 { text-transform: uppercase }

The example above would put 'H1' elements in uppercase text.

CSS1 core: UAs may ignore 'text-transform' (i.e., treat it as 'none') for characters that are not from the Latin-1 repertoire and for elements in languages for which the transformation is different from that specified by the case-conversion tables of Unicode [8].

Dark blue text is taken from Cascading Style Sheets, level 1. W3C Recommendation 17 December 1996 -

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Microsoft Typography | Typography on the Web | Specifying... | 5.4.5 'text-transform' next