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Font Embedding for the Web

Font embedding has been a feature of Microsoft applications, such as Word and PowerPoint®, for many years. It allows the fonts used in the creation of a document to travel with that document, ensuring that a user sees documents exactly as the designer intended them. Font embedding technology was built into Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4, bringing embedded fonts to the Web. Font embedding on the web is currently a hot topic and we expect this area to continue to evolve.


In 1997, we released the preview version of Microsoft Web Embedding Fonts Tool (WEFT), which allows you to create font objects that can be linked to your Web pages. The most recent version of the tool is WEFT 3.2, which can be downloaded free of charge.


This technology is changing the look of the Web, by empowering site designers to ensure their pages appear as they want them to. Check out the following examples.

These demos are for Internet Explorer 4. Internet Explorer 5 and 5.5 exhibit some alignment problems in the more complex demos.

this page was last updated 12 June 2009.

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