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Font embedding demo 2

demo 2 screen capture at 25% title: A blot on the copybook
designers: Geraldine Wade and Si Daniels
story: Geraldine Wade

This IE4 specific page uses French Script MT, Geraldine Wade's Dingblots symbol font and a custom font. Both fonts are available from the Monotype foundry.

The design process

This demo consists of four pages and shows how one font object can be used across any number of pages. The French Script MT font object contains all of the letters and punctuation used in the story and is referenced by all four pages.

Unlike the characters used in the text of the story, the pictures only ever appear once. For this reason four font objects have been created, each one containing only the pictures used by the page that references it.

The third font is a custom font created specifically for this demo. The phrase 'A Blot On The Copybook' was drawn as a single character using Macromedia Fontographer, and mapped to the letter 'Q'. The phrase 'fin' was also drawn and mapped to the letter 'K'.

font used on page unique characters object size
French Script MT all 52 11.1KB
Copyblot (custom font) 1 and 4 2 4.23KB
Dingblots 1 3 2.56KB
Dingblots 2 27 8.42KB
Dingblots 3 17 5.47KB
Dingblots 4 13 3.57KB

Table 1. The font objects used by the pages

How the page looks in other browsers

Like the previous demo, this uses an embedded symbol font. Two pages also use a custom font which map the phrases 'A Blot on the Copybook' and 'Fin' to the 'Q' and 'K' keys respectively. Using custom and symbol fonts in this way means that the pages are Internet Explorer 4.0 specific.

this page was last updated 25 July 1997.

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