“Well would you look at that” he said, and one even has a feather in his cap! Intrigued, he reached for his pen and deliberately splattered a few drops carefully folding the paper in half, pressing lightly. He closed one eye and opened the paper to see a whole bunch of new characters there before him on the page. 2 fish, 2 worms, 2 more fish, 2 birds, 2 more birds, 2 beautiful faces, 2 ostriches and 2 ducks rising to fly off the water… or so it seemed to him. Macgregor became quite excited and added a few embellishments of his own.


He dropped a few more drops on the paper and along came 2 dogs, 2 goofy birds and 2 more little men in conversation and 2 blackbirds.


He started to laugh. He thought he could hear the conversations, the dogs barking and birds chirping. In fact he was convinced that they were moving. These things were alive. Some of the characters did seem to be moving and he put the paper down to rest his eyes. He picked it up again when he realised that there were a pair of eyes looking straight at him!!