The fish had swum together to make a mask. He gulped, astonished. And looked some more


these were definitely looking at him. Some looked cute, others strange yet interesting.


He smiled.

He dipped his pen and said, “Something’s missing” then added a smiling mouth to one, a moustache and a rather surprised mouth to another.


“Heh heh heh” he laughed delighted with himself. “Tee hee hee” smiled the lady back “Oh!” said the man with the moustache. Macgregor looked around the room “Who said that?”. “We did” came the reply. And he stared and stared open mouthed at the faces before him. “It’s rude to stare” smiled the lady. “Oh most definitely rude” said the surprised gentleman still recovering from the shock of being created. Macgregor said “Well, er, hmm, who are you?”

“Make some more of us and we’ll tell you” the lady said cheekily and despite misgivings Macgregor made some more…