and promptly wished he hadn’t. “Hello” whispered a smiling fish-eyed woman.

“Grrrrr” bellowed a very angry professor and “ummmohnoumm” whimpered his nervous sidekick with the fuzzy hair. Macgregor gathered up his courage and looked at what he had made. “Well,” he said “Introduce yourselves, who are you?”. “C… C… Correction” stammered the nervous one “I… It’s not who are we but what are we?” “What are you then?”Macgregor said testily, just about keeping an edge on his own temper.

“We are the DingBlots” they said in unison. “We come to life anytime a blot is made”. “We live in your imagination” said another. “We are what you want us to be”.

Macgregor thought about it for a moment and then broke into a huge grin. “All this time I’ve been here on my own,” he mused “and now I’ve found a way to create some company for me in the long dark evenings ahead”. The DingBlots looked back at him, “…and if they get out of control I can always lock them in a drawer, or create new ones” he thought. “Welcome” he said out loud and do you know what? The smiling fish-eyed woman winked!

fish woman