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Font embedding demo 3

demo 3 screen capture at 25% title: Typographic ornament
designers: Si Daniels and Geraldine Wade

These Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 specific pages use three fonts. Geraldine Wade's Kingston Inline font is technically a symbol font as the lowercase letters are replaced with animals. This font is used on the first page of this two page demo. Both pages use Geraldine's Border Web ornamental font for the borders and Runic MT Condensed for the text promoting the fictitious events. Kingston and Runic are available from Monotype, who will be releasing Border Web in the future.

The design process

These pages use HTML tables to achieve checkerboard patterns, which are colored and filled with various symbols taken from the Border Web and Kingston Inline fonts.

font used on page unique characters object size
Kingston Inline 1 36 17.1KB
Runic MT Condensed both 33 9.85KB
BorderWeb both 10 8.36KB

Table 1. The font objects used by the pages

How the page looks in other browsers

Like the previous demos, these pages also use embedded symbol fonts making them Internet Explorer 4 specific.

this page was last updated 11 August 1997.

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