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Font embedding demo 5

demo 5b screen capture at 33% title: Client-side editable text
design: Si Daniels
jscript: Calum Brown
clown art: Todd Spanner

The IE4 specific graffiti pages use Ribit and Ribit Flash, unpublished fonts by Vincent Connare. The third page uses Matura Script Initials by Monotype.

About the demos

These pages demonstrate that with Microsoft's font embedding technology you are not limited to simple 'print preview' pages.

The first page lets you enter text that is written to the screen using the Ribit font when you click the 'spray it!' button. This operation is processed on the client-side, so Internet Explorer doesn't need to access the server. The text is written to the screen in dark red as a drop shadow, and then a second layer of white text is added.

The second page uses an additional font. Ribit Flash was designed as a background to Ribit. The characters in Ribit Flash are exactly the same width as those in Ribit. These matched widths mean that text layered using CSS absolute positioning should align perfectly.

Ribit and Ribit Flash
Figure 1. Ribit and Ribit Flash include the same character set with matched widths for each character.

As we do not want to be criticized for encouraging digital graffiti, the third page uses similar code to create an interactive birthday card.

font used on page unique characters object size
Ribit 1 and 2 99 20.2KB
Ribit Flash 2 99 12.4KB
Matura Script Initials 3 59 11.1KB

Table 1. The font objects used by the pages

this page was last updated 2 September 1997.

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