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Font embedding demo 8

demo 8 detail title: West coast adventure
copy: Peter Plimpton and Spencer Berry
photos: Spencer Berry
layout: Si Daniels

This page uses custom handwriting fonts by Signature Software.

The design process

This page demonstrates a realistic handwriting simulation using four embedded handwriting fonts called 'Sig 1', 'Sig 2', 'Sig 3' and 'Sig 4'. Each font contains instances of letters that vary in shape and connection. Depending on where they occur in a word, different letter shapes and connections are required.

font sample letters
Sig 1 Sig 1 font
Sig 2 Sig 2 font
Sig 3 Sig 3 font
Sig 4 Sig 4 font

Contextual handwriting fonts like these can be used to produce far more convincing handwriting simulations than ordinary handwriting fonts, which only include one letterform for each character.

Handwriting fonts have numerous applications in desktop publishing. They are used in the production of advertising, greeting cards, invitations, newsletters, menus, posters and numerous other areas. On the Web, a custom handwriting font could be used in any project that requires a personal touch — such as an online diary, journal, newsletter or personal homepage.

font used on page unique characters object size
Sig 1 1 44 5.88KB
Sig 2 1 32 4.04KB
Sig 3 1 22 4.84KB
Sig 4 1 31 6.17KB

Table 1. The font objects used in the demo

this page was last updated 17 December 1997.

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