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Font embedding demo 9

screen capture at 33% title: A Las Vegas Treasure Hunt
copy: Bill Gates
illustrations: Mike Duggan and Geraldine Wade
layout: Si Daniels

This page uses the P22 Da Vinci Forward font by the P22 font foundry.

The design process

This static demonstration shows how layout, color, illustration and typeface can be combined to produce a very distinctive look and feel when applied to a medium length text document.

The inspiration for this demo was a 'Leonardo Lives' show at Seattle's Art Museum. The centerpiece of the exhibition was da Vinci's notebook, the 'Codex Leicester'.

Our attempt to emulate the notebook's distinctive style centers on the use of P22's Da Vinci font. Although there are several typefaces based on Leonardo's distinctive writing style we picked P22's version. P22's Da Vinci pack includes three fonts and retails at $23.95.

Our next task was to find some suitable text. As the 'Codex Leicester' is owned by Bill and Melinda Gates, we got permission to reuse an article posted on Bill's site.

For the illustrations, we searched the Web for images of the products mentioned in the article. Mike and Geraldine redrew these images in the Leonardo style.

font used on page unique characters object size
P22 Da Vinci Forward 1 68 10.8KB

Table 1. The font objects used in the demo

this page was last updated 17 February 1998.

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